CHIANG MAI - European Style Shopping

European style indoor and outdoor shopping district in Chiang Mai, Thailand with lots of retail shops, cafés and food stalls that share a modern space with a hip vibe.

Video Transcript

So I’m here at a place called “One Nimman” and this is like an indoor-outdoor shopping mall in Los Angeles, there’s a place called The Grove and it reminds me of The Grove in Los Angeles when you enter there’s a big outdoor courtyard here and they have different events going on here at different times of the year right now they have something called coffee camp so there’s a bunch of coffee spots and there’s a but and they’re all set up like makeshift campgrounds it’s really cool actually, look at this everyone just sitting on wooden crates over there behind me! it’s really hip, young, and cool right now but this is a high-end mall let me walk over this way past the trailer coffee and I’ll show you what I’m talking about uh right now it’s mostly Thai but there would be a lot of tourists here when it’s tourist season it’s uh just before Christmas to give you a little hint as to when I’m filming this teenee video but look at this, I’m gonna show you my point of view here it’s a really really cool building architecturally look at this you think Thailand is all little roadside checks that are a cafe I mean this is high-end stuff but unlike Bangkok. Chiang Mai’s high-end stuff has a character, it has its sophisticated. Bangkok has a ton of high-end stuff but it’s a lot glitzier, it’s a lot glimmer and Chiang Mai has really good quality stuff but in a low-key kind of more cool hip vibey type of thing if that makes sense. Anyway, this is One Nimman and it’s a really really cool spot, it’s also the start of the nimman area because it’s on Nimman soi one if you want to explore this neighborhood at night I’d recommend starting here at One Nimman and then heading out this way into Nimman Soi one, three, five, seven, nine and it’s a great neighborhood and this is a really cool place it’s the type of place that will surprise many of you to think that this is a version of Thailand that exists it’s really awesome come check it out, One Nimman!

Additional Information

Chiang Mai is a city in Thailand that exceeds tourists’ expectations when visited. The restaurants are beautifully decorated, and the food is diverse and delicious, making it the perfect place to visit for a change of scenery from the typical Thai beach vacation. This city is filled with funky spots that are influenced by the expats that open shops and incorporate their own culture into their restaurants and stores. Because of this, shopping atmospheres in Chiang Mai can have a European vibe that is fused with Thai culture to create something unique to this city. One Nimman is the epitome of this concept, which is why it is essential that you visit it.