CHIANG MAI - Impressive Café

Really great coffee shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand, even by the city’s impressive standards. The baristas are friendly, the caffeinated beverages are delicious, and vibes are top notch.

Video Transcript

So I’m just in the first back alley office Suthep road right around the corner from Chiang Mai university just finished a morning walk, dropped a couple of pins about that morning walk that you can go uh that you can go check out as well um this place is usually hustling and bustling with university kids but as I’m filming this they’re still doing remote learning remember that? remote learning, let’s hope that that’s just never happens again eh anyway I need to get caffeinated and Chiang Mai is a city full of great coffee shops and I’m here at this place. What does that say? well, that’s Thai this is a place called “Phuping Coffee” that’s right “Phuping Coffee” I can tell you that coffee in the morning might uh might make this fella go Phuping but anyway I’m here at this local coffee shop a little cafe it’s a super cool place like most of the coffee shops here in Chiang Mai, it’s got a patio here and it also has a little food court around the outside kind of like the soda cafe which is nearby and also has a pin uh you could get some food like I said mostly there’s university kids here and when you come here I’m sure this place will be hopping and bopping but we’re in here he’s making up what they call…a coconut americano an americano coconut so there’s coconut, fresh coconut juice and then americano on top, I also got some home beans this was 160 baht so medium roasted beans that I’m gonna cook at home when I make my coffee at home. This place is good prices, great quality, cool atmosphere I mean check this out “Phuping Coffee” come and give it a try.

Additional Information

Chiang Mai is a city located in the mountainous parts of northern Thailand. It is the largest city in the northern part of the country, making it very well-known. What makes Chiang Mai so interesting is that you can explore the historical and modern cultures of Thailand all in one city. Although it is different from the typical Thai beach vacation, the mountainous atmospheres and high altitudes provide visitors with a unique and unforgettable experience. There are also many things to do in Chiang Mai, ranging from modern shopping to adventurous hikes to learning about traditional Thai culture with its many temples. If there is one thing to know about Chiang Mai, it is that it’s the “coffee capital” of Thailand. This city is known for its locally grown beans and coffee culture. Because of this, finding a good cup of coffee in the city is not a difficult task. Even with these high expectations, Phuping Coffee does not fail to impress us with their quality beverages.