CHIANG MAI - Modern Sushi In Nimman

Modern sushi restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand with unique decor and cool ambiance. Premium ingredients mostly flown in directly from Japan.

Video Transcription

All right, we just finished and uh you’re going to hit that button and you’re going to come in here.

Chris: Did you like it Haelee?

Haelee: Oh I love it!! their fish is so fresh and high quality.

Chris: And Haelee knows her sushi. What was your favorite one?

Haelee: Uh Shima Aji

Chris: We got Shima Aji, we got Salmon Nigiri, Hamachi Nigiri, we got a second order of Shima Aji and then we also got a Spicy Salmon Roll and they give they’re generous here with the amount of fish it’s like a salmon roll typical with salmon inside and then they put all the this chopped spicy salmon on top and then they also put all these green onions and different all kinds of stuff there and there was one that everyone here loves to eat we didn’t get it tonight but it’s called the Holland Roll and it’s got salmon and then a scallop and avocado and then some sauce and you see like you’ll see almost everyone in here eating that one. This place is called “Sushi Umai” and it’s a really nicely decorated like everywhere here in Nimman it just exudes coolness and quality and the price in here was okay, it’s certainly not cheap but it’s not crazy unless you order the Uni, What was that?

Haelee: 399 per piece

Chris: 399 per one nigiri. That’s the other thing when you order nigiri in here, it’s one piece at a time. It’s like one order two pieces? No, one orders one piece 399 for the nigiri pretty uh pretty pricey so we had enough but we’re also going for dessert to a place that you’ll find on here uh it’s a place with gelato. That’s all I’m gonna say, you’re gonna have to use the search gelato and you’ll find this place search gelato Nimman and you’ll definitely find this place because that’s where we’re going right now!!


Additional Information

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Chiang Mai is one of the greatest cities in the world if you are a true foodie. Not only are there an unlimited amount of amazing local Thai restaurants, but there’s also an unlimited amount of high quality, international options. Whether you’re looking for tip top Korean food, world class Indian food, impressive Italian food, or delicious Japanese food, Chiang Mai has it all. The restaurant featured in the video above is exactly this. The ingredients are awesome and the prices are reasonable based on what you get. If you happen to be a true sushi lover, then it’s definitely worth stopping in at this place if you find yourself in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai.