Chiang Mai MUST SEE Thailand Temple

This serene Chiang Mai, Thailand Temple doesn’t ever get too busy or crowded, which is what makes it special.

Video Transcript

I’m gonna walk you through this temple called “Wat Chetyot” more on these crazy epic trees in just a minute but this is a great temple to just come for a morning stroll, it’s about 7.30 in the morning and if I was to recommend one thing if you’re ever visiting Chiang Mai it’s to take some morning walks. I have a bunch of pins here where it’s an absolutely beautiful place to go for a morning walk and there’s so many good temple grounds. This one as I said is called Wat Chetyot, I think Chet yot means seven tombs so the temple of seven tombs this one right here houses the uh the ashes of a former king this is all about a 600 year old temple and it’s in a nice big garden setting it’s really beautiful I’d say, I’ve been here for about 20 30 minutes just enjoying a relaxing morning enjoying a relaxing stroll it’s a gorgeous place these trees as I said these are descendants of the bodhi tree from Sri Lanka that tree is obviously famous as the one that buddha sat under as he gained enlightenment there’s an absolutely epic one just over there so they’re definitely a big feature of this ground there’s a lot of Indian influence in this temple and it’s just really nice historical it’s not one of those ones that’s ram jammed with tourists it’s more stone and brick than it is the kind of ornate gold and I really really like these temples I mean check this place out. Another thing about this temple that you should know is that if you were born in the year of the snake this is your place you’ll see this place adorned with all kinds of snake statues and this is where people who were born in the year of the snake like to come and celebrate that so this is it Wat Chetyot well worth putting on your list and if you’re looking for more temples just use the little filter button and you can filter out attractions which show you things like temples so feel free to do that and as I said you’re the snake.

Additional Information

Chiang Mai is a city located in northern Thailand that consists of mountainous green lands and many ancient sites. Although the city is well known for its modern activities, it still has a traditional atmosphere when exploring the right places. This city is filled with beautiful temples to explore, which are placed in the nature that makes up this town. Because Chiang Mai is situated in the north and has higher altitudes, the weather here isn’t as hot as most of Thailand. This makes it the best place to explore outdoor temples, since the temperature is always beautiful and suited for daytime activities.