CHIANG MAI - Quality Coffee

Quality coffee shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand that’s perfect if you’re looking to get a good Espresso or unique Latte art.

Video Transcription

Good morning out there teenee I just finished a crazy hike and before I get to this coffee shop, I should tell you that teenee, not just restaurants and cafes and bars and stuff, there are activities in here so this hike that I did this morning I went to test it out here in Chiang Mai and it passed the test so I’m gonna go back again next week and I’m gonna make a teenee video for a teenee pin about that hike so you’ll find all kinds of activities in teenee like hiking, like beaches, like elephant sanctuaries, movie theaters, all these different activities and attractions as well but I finished that hike. I’m here in the Nimman haemin area and I’ve made it to the very famous Restr8to coffee. This place has become an institution here in Chiang Mai and you could throw a stone and hit a delicious coffee shop here in Chiang Mai but uh this place is right in the heart of Nimman haemin, it’s super famous they take their stuff seriously like they are truly mad coffee scientists in here. There’s a nice group of older Thai people here uh with a monk actually having a really good time taking photos and uh the barista whipped up this crazy little I think it was a bunny rabbit design on their latte or whatever it was they ordered. I’m getting a Brazilian pour-over coffee, I like my coffee simple, I like a black pour-over and so I’m gonna try it here I’m expecting it to just hit the spot and actually wake me up and get me going but if you’re ever here in Chiang Mai in Nimman definitely look for some of the activities in teenee and when you need to get your fix you can check out Ristr8to if you like. A quick footnote about Ristr8to, I got my coffee and it is absolutely delicious this place is funky, it’s cool but you do pay for this was 120 baht and Haelee and I were talking I think you’re paying a little bit for the flare I think this he was the Australian world latte art champion which is cool and fun, doesn’t excite Haelee and I but the coffee is excitingly delicious. You just can get it for a little bit cheaper elsewhere definitely a great place to check out, it’s definitely worth coming by and seeing but don’t worry I’ve left plenty of coffee shops in and around Chiang Mai where you can get a delicious coffee for half the price but that’s restraint oh look at this kitty needs to wake up, you need a coffee to wake up! that kitty just says why don’t you go get a coffee and then go click on the hike it’s called I think the monks trail or Wat Pha Lat, click on that one and enjoy the mountains the misty mountains of Chiang Mai.

Additional Information

The coffee scene in Chiang Mai is out of this world. Northern Thailand produces world class coffee beans as a result of its tropical latitude, but unique elevation. You can’t walk 50 meters in the city without seeing a coffee shop that delivers quality every single time. The shop featured in the video above is no different.

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