CHIANG MAI - Tasty Khao Soi

One of the most well-known Khao Soi shops in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This spot offers a tasty beef variation of the famous Northern Thai dish it is named after.

Video Transcript

When I’m in Chiang Mai or anywhere in northern Thailand I find myself craving the classic northern Thai dish, Khao Soi and I find myself looking for the best spot in every neighborhood. This is the most famous Khao Soi spot in the Nimman area of Chiang Mai. I normally get Khao Soi with chicken but here they have all kinds of different ones they have it with sausage, they have it with shrimp or seafood, they have it with a variety of porks. I’m gonna get the beef and Haelee’s getting it with the northern Thai sausage. It’s a little bit thinner in here than the kind of creamier versions that we often love but it still packs a really really good flavor, it’s a super cool location! they have indoor seating, they have outdoor seating it’s always packed so let’s go in and give it a try.

225 baht for both, we got a Khao Soy each and one water 225 baht great little place but here’s a tip for you. You’re going to want to come a little before the lunch rush or maybe a little after the lunch rush or dinner rush this place is popular Khao Soi Nimman come and check it out if you’re ever in this area and craving the northern Thai signature.

Additional Information

Chiang Mai is a city located in northern Thailand. It is known for its beautiful ancient temples and mountainous atmosphere that surrounds the city and its population. Because of Chiang Mai’s northern location and higher altitude, it makes it a cooler city compared to most in Thailand. For some, this may be more pleasant, as they can avoid the strong warm climates of Thailand, while still exploring the culture. If you are more used to visiting places in Thailand like Phuket or Koh Samui, this is a nice change of setting and a completely different experience. When most people picture Thailand, they see beautiful beaches with palm trees, but Chiang Mai is more of a mountainous atmosphere that exceeds expectations for the better. One of the most popular neighborhoods in Chiang Mai goes by the name of Nimman. This area has plenty of shops, galleries, cafes and restaurants that you can explore throughout your stay. Nimman has an atmosphere, unlike any other around Thailand, and almost has a European vibe that you wouldn’t expect when visiting the country. If you find yourself in Nimman, we highly recommend this Khao Soi noodle shop, which gives you a taste of northern Thailand and Chiang Mai’s traditional dish. This restaurant offers plenty of different meat options, ranging from beef to shrimp and seafoods, and of course, the classic Khao Soi with chicken. This is the perfect place to get a taste of a delicious traditional Thai dish for lunch or dinner.