CHIANG MAI - Tasty Thai Food

A classic Thai hole in-the-wall in Chiang Mai, Thailand that serves up super authentic, delicious, local Thai flavours. All for amazingly low prices.

Video Transcription

So these little Thai spots like this one behind me for 50-60 baht/dish, the menu doesn’t even have any English on it at all so we’re just going to go in and order a couple of our favorites crispy pork with kale and just typical fried rice with chicken. They’ll just whip it up in their little uh makeshift kitchen. You can just point at a menu in a place like this and they’ll have a little kitchen back here whip it up just point in anything you like in the menu. Click the map link you’re gonna need it to find this place, cheers everyone!
So in Thailand, pork would be the number one meat and they do pork several different ways, there’s sliced barbecue pork, there’s ground pork with the pad krapow and they do a ton of the crispy pork which is uh it’s a delicious thing when they put it with this kale.
This place is really tasty! um you know, you don’t know which of these places are the good ones and which ones aren’t. This is the fried rice, the way you can tell a good fried rice for me is the pungent pungentness, I don’t even know if that’s the word. Pungency is the combination of smell and taste.

This one has that perfect blend where it’s a strong flavor and a unique distinct flavor and it’s what gives Thai fried rice uh the Thai fried rice flavor and what makes it different from other countries. Fried rice really good place here so 90 baht for lunch so that’s less than three dollars for both of us and Teenee one of the great features of it is that uh it’s gonna show you all kinds in Chiang Mai down in Bangkok, Koh Samui who kept all over the place you’re gonna get directed to all kinds of little local Thai spots that dish up the goodies and even on the back streets here at Chiang Mai everybody knows Teenee, everybody knows retired working for you that’s two subscribers we met but as I was saying Teenee gonna direct you to all these back alley local cheap tight spots that when you get there you’ll probably say to yourself we would have never found this place on our own, so go enjoy and thanks teenee!!


Additional Information

One of the amazing things that local Thai restaurants offer is the fact that everything is generally quite clean, sanitary, and cooked properly. Unlike many places across A  sia, there’s not necessarily a huge concern as it pertains to getting sick after indulging in some of the tasty local food. This spot offers up really good Thai options with strong flavors and quality ingredients. If you find yourself in Chiang Mai, it’s definitely worth a stop in during your time in northern Thailand.

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