CHIANG MAI - Tasty Treats

Cute little desert shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand that has all sorts of coconut based treats. The option with the blue ice cream and colourful coconut balls is especially great!

Video Transcription

So you finished dinner and you wanted dessert well here’s a teenee tip for you!! A lot of the baked goods here in Thailand aren’t the best, I’ll be honest with you. I love a good bakery back in North America in Europe, the bakeries in Thailand are oftentimes a bit of a letdown but you still want dessert right? well, I got you covered I’m in front of a place here called “Kanom-Mae” and we’re right here in the Suthep area Chiang Mai university’s just over there just to give you a little bit of your bearings and this place offers a selection of Thai desserts and the specifically Thai desserts are often coconut-based, they’re rice ball-based, they’re coconut milk-based and this place is quite popular it has a nice little selection of some classic Thai flavored desserts and look you’re in Thailand you gotta try as much of the variety of coconut flavored goodies as you can. I’m with Haelee and Adam they’re inside now, I gotta go in and get my order in and I’ll show you what we have.

Chris: How is it, how does it taste?

Haelee: So good!!

Chris: And I got uh this is called Bua Loy, it’s like a coconut treat here in a little rice ball with coconut ice cream let’s see how this is in coconut milk triple coconut.

mmm, the little rice balls filled with coconut meat are wired next to the ice cream that’s cold so that was absolutely delicious but let’s ask Adam and Haelee, how was it?

Adam & Haelee: It was amazing!!

Chris: Really?

Haelee: YES!

Chris: And would you recommend it?

Adam & Haelee: Highly recommend highly highly recommended!

Adam: I’ll get this one next time!

Chris: They’re already shopping for their next trip we’ll definitely be back here this is a regular spot for about 40 baht per delicious bowl of goodies and they have looks like we could come here about 10 times before we’ve tried everything but I loved what we had we got the same thing, delicious! all right, see you soon teenee.


Additional Information

This is one of those local favourites that is absolutely worth a visit while you are in Chiang Mai. It’s located in the Suthep neighborhood right across from one of the city’s most popular night markets. It’s super popular amongst the Thai university students that go to school at Chiang Mai University. The prices are cheap, and the flavours will blow your mind. Many of the desserts are coconut based and are a perfect way to wash down whatever you may have had for dinner at the night market across the street. If I was to ever live in Chiang Mai, this district (Suthep) is probably the area that I would choose to be. The location is perfect, the restaurant scene is ridiculous, and you can find really cool condos and houses here.