CHIANG MAI Thailand Vegan Restaurant

Really nice Thai food with a solid selection of vegan options as well in Chiang Mai. If you are ever visiting Thailand, we highly recommend this restaurant.

Video Transcript

Before we eat in here I’m gonna get you to meet the cook here over at her station right over here watch this. What’s your name? / I’m Mai ha from Iames Basecamp / And this is this your cat is this your restaurant? / Yes / Nice it’s very nice, why is it have Nepalese things / uh some menu is inspired from the trip that we went to Nepal my husband when I pregnant and he he he want like the last tip for solo tip yeah so he went there and he had the experience and he loved it / So now it’s part of your restaurant, it’s a beautiful spot / and we have a friend from Nepal uh teach me to make a chicken momo so you can try here because Nepali people take here and then they said better than Nepal / Look forward to trying nice to meet you.

okay you met the chef Haelee and I had some delicious delicious food in here her stuff has a richness to it and a flavorfulness to it that is absolutely to die for the place is called “Iames Basecamp” and the base camp is in reference to a trip that her husband took to Nepal and and the nepalese influence she learned from a nepalese chef and she’s super cool her name is actually Mai in reverse is Iam and that’s why the restaurant is named that it’s definitely her place it’s got her fingerprints all over it she’s very very cool when you go in there you should talk to her we capped it off with the chai masala just to get that full on nepalese flavor I’ve been to Nepal and this place it all the memories of Nepal came rushing back as I ate in here and it’s not just nepalese food we also had the spicy spaghetti dish we had a really eclectic mix of Thai nepalese and Italian really weird but it all worked it’s a really cool spot to come and check out make sure you say hello to Mai if you come in here because she’s got some good stories. One footnote about that place is that that whole meal including the two t’s was only 400 baht so you get amazing value now I gotta go inside here and check on the twins.

Additional Information

Chiang Mai is a city located in the north of Thailand and it is filled with mountainous sites and Buddhist temples, making it a beautiful place to visit. You can explore a traditional side of Thailand but also a new trendy side of Thailand all at once in this city, which is what makes it so special. The food options here are limitless and if you look in the busy parts of the city filled with young folk you will find places such as the Nepalese restaurant mentioned above.