CHIANG MAI - The Perfect Morning Walk

Unique reservoir in Chiang Mai, Thailand with a track around it for walking or running. Located right in Chiang Mai University, some outdoor time here is a really nice place to start your day.

Video Transcription

So this beautiful place is called the “Angkaew Reservoir” probably pronounced that wrong oh well I got a map link so that you can find it quite easily. It’s right in the heart of Chiang Mai university’s campus and this campus is massive it’s a giant campus they have all kinds of departments it stretches all the way from here we’re kind of at the north end of the campus and it just goes and goes and goes for ages all the way down to Nimman actually the Nimman neighborhood but this reservoir and this part of the campus is an amazing spot to come for the morning I put this under activities, activities is a filter that you can select there’s a little filter bar and if you want to filter activities such as this then by all means do so there’s actually a hike that I put up here that goes up into the up into a uh a monks trail up the mountains up there that’s another activity close by to here but this is a just a peaceful way to spend the mornings Haelee and I have been coming out here pretty much every morning while we’re up in Chiang Mai and we’ll go for a morning walk, we’ll circle this entire reservoir that’s what I’d recommend you do walk at least one lap around the entire reservoir and when you get to the one end it’ll feel like you’re kind of cut off but just snake out around the buildings turn back and and you’ll find it there’s all kinds of lovely seating areas you can see Haelee back here in a forest, if you want to bring some food or something by all means you could uh you could enjoy that but it’s really just a morning walk lovely place I’ve left a pin to a cafe that’s just on the other side of the reservoir over there so if you if you get hungry they have breakfast and click that pen there’s more information all about it back there. This is the Angkaew Reservoir, however you say it I don’t know but all I know is that it’s a wonderful way to start the day!


Additional Information

This is a reservoir located on the stunning Chiang Mai university campus. It’s a great place to start your day with a walk, and there’s even a breakfast/brunch restaurant right on the grounds. If you happen to be staying anywhere in Nimman or Suthep, you should especially check out this reservoir and maybe even build it into your weekly routine while you’re in the wonderful northern Thai city of Chiang Mai.