CHIANG MAI - Tranquil Temple in The Woods

Small, statue-rich Buddhist temple and monastery in Chiang Mai, Thailand that’s hidden in the serene woods up behind the city. Northern Thailand is full of amazing temples, so if you find yourself in this part of the country, be sure to visit a few of them. You’ll be blown away.

Video Transcription

So we’re halfway up to Doi Suthep! which, one of my subscribers I think it might have been Jiffy Jeff recommended that we going to and we’re riding a couple of scooters up here, it’s really cooling off but we stopped at this place called “Wat Pha Lat” a nice little uh quiet Buddhist temple you can see the city off in the distance and everything here just feels different than Bangkok, listen to that!

There’s a bigfoot sighting.

Chris’s friend: This is the Chiang Mai sausage by the way.
Chris: This one here?
Chris’s friend: Yes, Sai ua!

There are tons to do right in the city of Chiang Mai but do yourself a favor and make sure when you come out here you get out to the mountains.

So we’re about halfway up the mountain right behind Chiang Mai and I’m feeling something I haven’t felt in a year and a half a little bit of Christmas in the air, the temperature seems to have dropped a few degrees on the way up here and it’s super nice!

Additional Information

Northern Thailand is a place full of deep Buddhist history. It has thousands of amazing temples located all over. This specific temple is interesting as its sort of built right into the forests that cover the mountains right beside the city of Chiang Mai. A bit of a hidden gem. In general, the best time to come to Chiang Mai is towards the end of the year in November and December. It cools down significantly at this time of the year, the air is extremely clean and fresh, and its sunny just about every single day. It almost feels like that perfect Southern California climate during these months, whereas in April and May, it can get really hot and the air quality isn’t so good. Chiang Mai has a pretty significant burning season from March to May that definitely makes it a less than ideal time to be there. Many of the expats and digital nomads that choose to live in this part of Thailand actually leave during this period and head down to the islands to escape the heat and burning. Nonetheless, this temple is an amazing place to check out no matter what time of the year you happen to be in Chiang Mai given its close proximity to the actual city and really unique setting.