CONVENIENT Big Box Store In Bangkok

Classic department store in Bangkok, Thailand where you can find all sorts of stuff. Think of it as a Walmart or Carrefour type spot to do shopping. Certainly not the most recommendation, but if you need specific items while in Bangkok, this is a great place to look.

Video Transcription

You’re gonna see these shops all over Bangkok green Robinson. Let me tour you through and tell you what it is and at the end of this video, I’ll tell you why I picked this location. So why did I put a pin for this place called Robinson’s, well when we moved to Bangkok we saw this green sign called Robinson’s and wherever they’re from if you’re from there then you already know what they are, we had no idea so over time though. We’ve learned actually like Robinson’s you get everything in here it’s like a nice affordable department store. On the Main floor here they got sunglasses, they got watches. Up here on the second floor is like men’s wear, women’s wear kind of handbag Haelee’s in here right now and looking for a new toiletries purse look at handbags I’m running through the handbag section because I’m here to look for a pair of shorts which I could probably find here on the second floor! Going up to the third floor what do we got up here we got children’s wear, we have a whole bunch of jeans all kinds of shoes. This place goes on and on they’re different sizes they have ones that are a little smaller in Bangkok and then you’ll find some giant ones this one I’d say on the bigger side and up here on the fourth and top floor is a home living home accessories think of it like almost like we have stores called bed bath and beyond if you’re looking for sheets pillows little toothbrush holders anything for your home you’re gonna find it up here on the top floor. Oh! they even have a little electronic section over there so that’s the tour of four floors of Robinson’s. Alright, got my shorts, now let me go outside and tell you why I picked this Robinson’s locations to put in teenee. So right in front of this location is a really cool little area if you look along here there’s always a street food cart set up you can walk up the street a little bit that way and go down some of the side streets and definitely enjoy a little bit of the old Bangkok so that’s why I picked this Robinson’s location.


Additional Information

Bangkok is already one of the most convenient cities in the world with its abundance of delivery services, local markets, shopping malls, and transportation network to connect them all. Having said that, sometimes there are niche items that you may need, and the classic department store is the easiest way to find them. Robinson’s locations can be found all over the city and are a perfect place to shop if you need something relatively specific. The prices are amazing, the quality is solid, and you’ll be able to find almost anything you are looking for.

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