COOL Riverside RestoBar In Bangkok

Amazing outdoor restaurant and bar in Bangkok, Thailand right on the famous Chao Praya River where you get super cool views of Bangkok.

Video Transcription

Over my shoulder is a Bangkok institution many of you probably already know this place it’s Jack’s bar. It’s right on the Chao Phraya River right beside the Shangri-La hotels. This is the street that runs in front of the Shangri-La and Jack’s is at the end of this. You’re going to want to come down for a little festive adult beverage too, maybe enjoy a little tasty treat in there. Saturday nights was probably rocking in there now again a Bangkok institution. I’ll show you what it looks like inside.


Additional Information

The city of Bangkok, Thailand is famous for its wild nightlife and crazy red light districts, but it has so much more to offer than just that. This is a city that’s constantly changing, constantly growing, and is full of world class restaurants, parks, shopping malls, etc. There are always new places popping up that seem to be the trendy place to go, but one classic Bangkok institution is Jacks Bar. It’s an awesome Riverside hideout that’s the perfect place to go and have a drink and some finger foods with friends. Located right on the grand Chao Praya river, you get a cool mix of old Bangkok and new Bangkok. There are local markets serving up all sorts of delectable food options overlooked by some of the biggest and most modern shopping malls and condo buildings that you can imagine. The best time to come here would have to be 5 PM to 6 PM so you get a seat that overlooks the river at sunset. Having said that, the vibes are still awesome long after the sun has set when the live music starts. Often times, expats will come here for a few drinks before heading off to enjoy some of Bangkok’s epic nightlife. Places like Khao San Road and Soi Nana (not Nana Plaza) are within relatively close proximity and are certainly worth checking out if you find yourself in this wonderful city. One other option you can take advantage of when visiting this area if you don’t feel like a crazy night out is the head to Jacks Bar for sunset, then take a walk and find a local night market to taste test some of the many amazing street food options that you can find here in Thailand. It’s amazing how far your money will go at places like this, and even more amazing as to what dishes you’ll be able to try. All in all, make sure to spend time down by the river if you find yourself living or visiting this vibrant city at any point in the future, you won’t regret it.