Exploring Maya Bay In Ko Phi Phi Thailand

This is the the world famous Maya Bay in Ko Phi Phi. It was originally made popular by ‘The Beach’, which was a 2000 Leonardo DiCaprio film shot in Thailand. It re-opened in January 2022 after being closed for 2-years.

Video Transcript

Okay, so we’ve just stepped foot on an island in a little place that you haven’t been allowed to come for two years let’s head up to where it gets a little more beautiful even than this.

so this absolutely magnificent place that we’re walking around is the world famous Maya bay this place has been closed for the last two years to repair the coral reefs because this place gets inundated with tourists it’s just recently opened up again just about two months ago and uh as you can see the people are coming back and and I’m not allowed to fly the drone here which is probably a good thing because you need to come here and see this for yourself it’s absolutely spectacular these cliffs are like mountains and they’re surrounded in a nearly complete horseshoe shape that’s dramatic dramatic to say that to say the least it’s absolutely dramatic and you know this is the beach that was made famous by the by the uh crappy movie called The Beach starring Leonardo Dicaprio, I don’t know if you saw that movie but it sucked but the book was amazing I should tell you if you haven’t read the beach uh you should get the beach and and bring it on your next trip to Thailand or just read it if you want to enjoy memories of Thailand it’s an awesome book written by Alex Garland who went on to direct well he went on to write 28 days later went on to direct movies like ex machina and the beach is an incredible book way way better than the movie and the beach in person I was expecting to be let down but I gotta tell you I’m not let down I’m impressed it is just absolute epic beauty and it couldn’t be a better way to come back to Koh Phi Phi hey shaggy yeah like this is about the best way we could have come back after 22 years on our honeymoon love you babe / love you too. This is awesome highly recommended I hope you guys enjoyed the Andaman adventure half as much as we did and even more than that I hope that you go on an epic Andaman adventure of your own one day much love everyone and I’m gonna see you real soon.

Additional Information

Ko Phi Phi is a unique cluster of islands located between Phuket and the coast of Thailand’s mainland. It has the bluest waters and the greenest hills surrounding its beaches. The only way to get here is to take a speedboat or ferry, which is what makes it even more of an adventure that is worth it. The method we took to get here was a speed boat from Phuket, which is the largest island in Thailand.