Family Friendly Beach Resort In KHAO LAK Thailand

Le Méridien is a seaside resort right on Khao Lak Beach in Thailand. It’s set on a beautiful property and is very family friendly.

Video Transcript

So this is where you’d have breakfast here at “Le Meredien” I will say the breakfast is more quantity over quality they have tons of options tons of stuff there and the quality is good don’t get me wrong but it’s not great but it is uh quantity speaking of quantity look at the size of this pool and the size of this resort thanks Haelee for being a model for us here for teenee. Look at the size of this place it’s absolutely massive it’s called “Le Meredien” and it’s radon Khao Lak beach they got pool access rooms Haelee’s doing like Vanna white here picking letters. Look at this beautiful property, nice landscaping it’s absolutely gorgeous it’s definitely family friendly there’s kids areas this is the the big beach side restaurant and bar that uh isn’t open now because it’s morning but it would be open at night they got big hammocks over there you want to chill on those hammocks and this would be lit up at night really pretty place. Haelee’s running, Haelee’s running to the beach beautiful beach here oh she’s gonna get all Instagrammy for us, she’s gonna get all instagrammy for teenee. Oh look at this, there it is the Instagram shot Haelee the model and this is Khao Lak beach now I’m no expert in this area um so there you won’t find too many pins here you will find a nice restaurant and that’s called Spinach check it out if you’re in the area tasty tasty food great setting anyway there’s a whole video on that but this is Khao Lak beach this was one of the most impacted beaches um when it came to the tsunami so this place was devastated back in 0-4 so this everything along here be rebuilt new this is lou meridian so it’s a nice place it’s uh again I’m no expert in this area but since we were here I want to go out of my way to just show you what I can I wouldn’t necessarily give it a 10 out of 10 but we were super happy super comfortable and the value was really good and again if you had families it would be spectacular. Let me just finish the video by showing you the inside of our room and then you could decide if you want to stay here at “Le Meredien”

As promised here’s the room excuse us because it’s been lived in the room’s been lived in but that right there is the best rain shower shower we’ve ever had Haelee enjoyed a nice bath in there and then check it out, nice modern place to put your suitcase, nice tv I can do my editing there comfy king size bed and look at the size of the day bed, Haelee you Instagrammed for us once can you get on the daybed and instagram for us one last time as I show them the view out over the pool here look at this, place is huge it’s a big big resort nice sitting area out here and there she is the “Le Meredien” Instagram model says see you later.