Family Fun in KOH SAMUI

Fun place to practice your archery skills and enjoy some food and drinks while doing so. Great family activity while on Samui.

Video Transcript

Okay this one’s for the kids this is one that’s super kid friendly and it’s a combination of a little restaurant but this place is all about archery Haelee’s Korean and Korea is I think the best in the world at archery so this one’s for you Haelee look at this they got a full indoor archery range with all this stuff that you can rent and the prices are super reasonable so you can get a traditional crossbow 200 Baht for a half hour or a traditional bow as like a Robin Hood Type where you get a a quiver of arrows coming out the back and maybe maybe like the elves in Lord of the Rings or you could go with nuts and get the uh get the full-on crossbows take your pick from this selection you got a competition RDT crossbow one hour for 750 Baht and they also have something really cool outside all right let’s give this a try this right here is the big is the beginner area and we’re gonna see if I can handle a traditional uh Longbow if I do all right with this we’ll show you the advanced area and we’ll get into a real crazy boat

oh do I get to go to the advanced course all right let’s head over to the advanced course but first let me show you where that went I’m pretty sure he’s surprised it’s it’s not as hard as you think that’s for sure I expected it to go flying I don’t know which is mine and which is yours but uh I think he I think he got me by about an inch let’s check out the advanced course look at this bad boy I’m a little good frightened to this one let’s see if I can load it here so they teach you how to how to handle this stuff here I didn’t expel no first is to pull it up close this one

okay it’s easier than it looks when you just look at the bow at first okay we load the arrow in oh all the way back okay push off the safety and he forgot the most important thing say something like I hope you stick around for this one

bullseye okay so long we can go through the hunger all right so that so that’s it

okay we’ve gone beginner we’ve gone Advanced and now we’re going to 3D animal hunting they got like a 40-minute course where they got all these different 3D animals that you shoot and it’s timed through and it makes for a really fun game if you came here with a group of people

oh I think let’s go take a look at this

look at that not too shabby for a ranked amateur I’m sorry little pig but there’s one more animal I’ve been waiting to shoot all day not the boar not the badger not the wolf that’s the one

Don’t shoot man!!!
No need for you to stick around you are exterminated!!


Additional Information

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