Family Restaurant in Patong, PHUKET

Solid little Thai Restaurant serving up all of the classic dishes you can expect in this wonderful Country.

Video Transcript

I’m going to show you don’t hear that rooster cockle doodle do and I’m gonna show you some contrast here as we head for a liner that’s half lunch half dinner it’s about 4 P.M and uh look at this it looks like rural Thailand but the truth is you step out here and it starts to look a little bit like Urban Thailand check this place out pretty wild isn’t it where are we we’re in Patong Beach of all places this is that road when you when you go to that turnabout with the dolphins at the very North End of Patong Beach and you head up this road that’s where we are and this is uh just a cool little wall here let’s take a look at that little little ripped out doorway with some cool graffiti super Urban feeling and then right behind it is that rural little Hideaway we’re going to have a meal I’m here with Haelee and Anna so I got a big old smile on my face and we’re going to here to the Number Nine Restaurant yes sister to the number six restaurant you can put one and one together uh I don’t know if they’re the same owners or if they’re just strategically planning their business moves but you got the number six restaurant which is down on the main Back Road of Patong and then you got the number nine restaurant which is right here we’re gonna give it a try let’s see how it is

thank you okay food’s arrived we got three things here we have a yellow curry with chicken some vegetables in there then we have a spicy beef salad this is a Thai classic right here and then pod packed room you’ll see us order this all the time it’s Disturbed Friday morning glory with the little chilies let’s taste it here we’re gonna start with the taste of the spicy beef salad

it’s really not the beef here better quality than most beef you get in Thailand the beef is a surprise here so sometimes the spicy beef salad can really get you but this one like it’s not too spicy we ordered it medium now let’s try the uh stir fry morning glory in oyster sauce

that’s a Thai comforter it’s got the rich flavored the garlicky flavor really delicious now let’s get Haelee to try the yellow curry

let me get out of here it must have been awfully loud in there so that’s Number Nine Restaurant part two there’s a there’s another Number Nine Restaurant in Patong Beach just a few hundred meters down this way and as I said there’s a sister restaurant called number six maybe we should take you there!


Additional Information

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