Famous Cliffside Thai Restaurant PHUKET

Thailand’s best cliffside restaurant, Baan Rim Pa, opened its doors in Phuket in 1989 and has played host to dignitaries, royalty, celebrities and lovers of fine food from around the world. It’s Royal Thai and local cuisine has won numerous awards and is often described as a beautiful food experience. Spread over two and half levels, every table has a stunning panoramic cliffside ocean view of Kalim and across to the Bay of Patong. Baan Rim Pa is a must visit when dining in Phuket.

Video Transcript

So this place is called “Baan Rim Pa” and our friends who live here on the island tell us that this is the best Thai food that they’ve ever had, okay it’s definitely not gonna be the cheapest Thai food that you’ve ever had but some things are worth splurging on and if this truly is the best Thai food on the island then it’s worth splurging on on top of that it has this amazing oceanfront setting, we’re on the road between Kamala beach and down that way is Patong beach and this is a multi-level restaurant all the tables have these epic ocean views you probably want to come here if you can for a sunset we’re here at night we’re gonna go in and see what it’s like I’ll tell you what the food’s like, I’ll give you a sense as to how much it cost whether you come here in the day or the night from what I’ve heard this place serves up crazy good Thai food.

okay, so that truly was some of the best Thai food that I’ve ever had. I would definitely recommend coming in here for a sunset when this place is in all of its glory pretty much everything we had we had squid, we had soft shell crab, we had a beef dish, we had a chicken dish, we had Som Tam which was spectacular served in this papaya all freshed up but this place is definitely a place that you should put on your list if you’re looking for like a special special dinner maybe a romantic dinner maybe a dinner with a group of friends but a really special dinner this place should be on your list click the little map icon and that’s going to give you directions to get here and then just enjoy.

Additional Information

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, and it is filled with beautiful beaches and delicious foods that you can explore while spending your time here. Normally the local Thai food would be recommended, as is extremely flavorful and delicious for such a cheap price. But sometimes it is fun to go out for a fancier dinner, whether it be for foreign food that you miss from back home or the local Thai dishes with a luxurious twist. The restaurant mentioned above is perfect if you are looking for a nicer dinner but are till wanting a taste of the traditional Thai foods.