Fancy Cocktail Bar In PHUKET

Mixologist Cocktail Bar in Phuket, Thailand where premium flavours are mixed by Wynn the Mixologist and his team.

Video Transcription 

We’re down here in Old Town, Phuket and the building are down here is fantastic. This is definitely a street worth visiting. And this pin, you’re going to have to come back at night. I’m just going to tease you here. This is a Dibuk House, they’re not gonna let me in because they’re closed right now opens at 7 pm. But this is like the high end mixologist bar. So for those of you out there that like those funky bars where they’re dabbling in dolloping with a lot of mixologies, there’s a guy in here named Wynn, who’s super famous, this guy will tickle your taste buds. So come on back here, Check it out. I’m gonna leave it a surprise what it looks like inside.


Additional Information

One thing that’s amazing about Thailand that makes it a unique country in this part of the world is its wide variety of international food and drink options. If you’re looking for a high quality steak, premium Italian food, or a good old fashioned American burger, it’s very easy to find across any of the major tourist spots across the country. This holds true as it pertains to nightlife and drinks. There’s all sorts of high-end mixologist bars and social clubs where you can enjoy fancy cocktails and cigars. The setting at Dibuk House feels super premium, the drinks are good, and it’s one of those places that’s perfect to celebrate a special occasion or enjoy a night out on Thailand’s most popular island. It’s located in the Old Town of Phuket which has super cool colonial style buildings that are extremely colourful, and almost remind me of Europe in a sense. The Old Town is located about an hour South of the International Airport that you’ll likely fly into, about 25 minutes West of the popular Patong Beach, and about 20 minutes from the very southern tip of the island where many expats tend to live. There’s all sorts of restaurants, bars, shopping, and entertainment on this part of the island. It’s not somewhere that I would personally recommend staying while you’re in Phuket, but it is one of those places that’s worth an afternoon or evening trip as there’s loads of culture and history here. In general, the best way to travel around the island is to rent a motorbike or car, but I would recommend going with a car as one thing that Thailand is well known for is its dangerous roads and if you’re new to this Country you’ll feel much more comfortable in an actual vehicle versus a little bike. To sum up, Dibuk house is a fantastic place to check out if you find yourself in this part of the island, head there anytime after 7:00 PM and enjoy a drink for me!