FANTASTIC Coffee In Chiang Mai

Fantastic coffee in Chiang Mai, Thailand at reasonable prices in a super cool park-like setting. Lots of students like to hang out here as it is right across from Chiang Mai University.

Video Transcription

Looking for a coffee and want to get off the busy roads of Chiang Mai. well, welcome to a quiet peaceful oasis the Sode Cafe is in here but that’s not the only thing that’s in here. This place is surrounded by a variety of little shops, little restaurants all serving up different types of goodies and it wraps all the way around in like a courtyard fashion and again it’s just super peaceful the setting in here is amazing. So right here is the Sode Cafe and check this place out spectacular really high quality coffee high quality everything in here and this setting is brilliant come and check it out for sure!!


Additional Information

Chiang Mai, Thailand Is perhaps one of the best cities on earth if you are a true coffee lover. The sheer quality and quantity that this place has to offer will blow your mind. This is because the growing conditions in Northern Thailand are ideal for tip top coffee beans, and many of the cafés that exist here have direct relationships or partnerships with the farms in the surrounding area. These farms supply them with fresh beans on a daily, or weekly basis. Starbucks would have a really hard time competing here given the number of local options that are far tastier and far cheaper. In fact, one experience worth looking into if you find yourself anywhere in Northern Thailand in the future is to get in touch with one of the many coffee farms, and do a full comprehensive tour to get a really unique perspective as to how the coffee beans are grown, harvested, prepared, and shipped out. One thing that is surprising is the fact that Thailand isn’t often thought of as a true coffee capital in the same way that Brazil, Columbia, or parts of the Middle East are. The quality here certainly competes with any of those places. Sode café, which is featured in the video above is a great example of a place that serves up some tasty caffeinated beverages amongst other goodies. It’s a bit of a courtyard setting and is a really peaceful place to come and work for an afternoon, meet a friend, or simply people watch. Chiang Mai in general feels like the future of Thailand with its abundance of places like this. The younger generation up here is so creative, and so driven to bring fresh ideas to their country. It’s a pleasure to experience. The city itself is packed with all sorts of fusion restaurants, funky cafes, and trendy bars. All of this, plus you’re right in the middle of what many people consider Thailand’s most beautiful nature. It’s easy to see why Chiang Mai is so popular amongst digital nomads as well as Thai’s from all over the country.

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