FRESH Produce Market in Chiang Mai

Great little market in Chiang Mai, Thailand with a nice selection of fresh organic fruit and veggies. Perfect way to take advantage of Chiang Mai’s amazing produce.

Video Transcription

One of my favorite things about Thailand is the endlessness of the fruit and the tropical fruit varieties and these fruit and veggie stand that you see everywhere but this pin is about a special place here in Chiang Mai called the royal project. This was founded in 1969 when the king at the time king Bhumibol, apologies if I pronounced that wrong, and queen Sirikit went up to a hill tribe just north of Chiang Mai in a place called Doi Pui. They saw the opium farmers back then opium was by far the largest crop and he envisioned away at the time to solve this problem and replace opium crops with higher earning crops including temperate fruit trees because the weather up there is very unique for Thailand. So he did this and he established what he called the royal project with his own funds. The goal was to solve deforestation income problems and the whole opium production thing all in one fell swoop and so right here on Suthep Road in Chiang Mai is called the royal project store. it’s a supermarket and people who live here shop here all the time a great place to get organic fruits vegetables. We’ll see what they have in there I’ll show it to you but it all comes from the hill tribes of the surrounding regions surrounding Chiang Mai and northern Thailand. So it’s a really great way to shop for fruits vegetables and other products that they have in there and if you’re just stopping through and as a tourist it’s a cool little supermarket to come and see so let’s go in and check it out!!

So that is the little royal project shop more of an educational pin than a must visit but if you’re looking for a good place to get organic groceries this is a great little spot there’s also a place called Aggie Hut over there we started the video over here at the fruit stand, there’s a nice plant store here. So it’s a nice little stop and the and the street out there this end of Suthep is a really cool part of Chiang Mai it’s about two kilometers away from the old town and away from Nimman. It’s a place you might not consider checking out but I would recommend coming down here at night once the sun sets the street lights up with street food vendors and Thai it’s a cool little beehive Thai street food activity so enjoy the royal project and area.


Additional Information 

Chiang Mai, Thailand is well known for its high quality produce, fruits, and vegetables. This local shop is a great place to get quality organic groceries, and also has a really interesting history as to why it exists. The video above goes into more detail on this, but it was created to solve multiple problems that existed in here in Northern Thailand back in the 1960s.