FRESH Thai Food In Rustic Setting In Phuket

Cool rustic style restaurant in Phuket, Thailand serving local food that is fresh and reasonably priced. The vibes at this restaurant are great and the staff are friendly.

Video Transcription

This is another little roadside classic rustic Thai spot and you probably drive past these places all the time but it’s tough to know which ones are good and which ones aren’t good. well, that’s what teenee’s here to help you with. This one’s called C’est Bien don’t be expecting french food in here, it’s classic Thai flavors in fact I’ve heard that their Massaman curry is definitely a specialty. Massaman was ranked the top food in the world on a CNN top 100 foods in the world list. It’s called the king of Thai curry so I’m going to order that up we’ll see how it is but this place the grounds is actually spectacular too, so let me just show you a quick walkthrough. So there’s plenty of parkin here we’ve come in between meals right now so we’re actually the only ones here and it’s also a bit of a rainy day, unfortunately, picture this place wide open they got the plastic down to protect from the rain but if you pictured this place on a sunny day I’m sure it’s quite the spot. oh! there’s Haelee there, look at this beautiful in here let’s take a look inside the kitchen here. The master chef at work so Haelee’s ordered up the umm…. Is that Pad Pak Boong? oh, that’s morning glory, lovely looks fresh in here nice kitchen.
Seller: It’s very local
Chris: And your flavors here are local?
Seller: Yeah!
Chris: So a little bit spicy
Seller: A lot of spicy
Moment of truth Haelee, she loves them she’s a morning glory aficionado.
Chris: What’s the verdict here at C’est Bien?
Haelee: It’s really good.

And here’s the Massaman that’s a nice hearty looking Massaman and here they serve it with the this Roti so I’ll be dipping a little bit of that Roti right into this Massaman. They offer it with chicken or beef, I got it with chicken.

Wow!!! that Massaman curry is so amazing, your place is great. So yeah this place is definitely highly highly recommended that Massaman curry with the Roti you just dip in there and they go together so good that would be the dish I would recommend in here as a must try! and it’s funny 120 Thai baht for that dish which in Thailand feels a little bit like we’re splurging like uh hey we often go to places that are 70 baht entrees but if I found a Massaman curry back in Canada where I’m from for the equivalent of four dollars I’d be scared but here it’s a bit of a splurge and it’s well worth it. C’est Bien is trebia.


Additional Information

This establishment is a super cool place to enjoy delectable Thai food in a peaceful setting. Located only 5-minutes from Phuket’s beautiful Layan Beach, they serve up a wide variety of dishes that will make your taste buds pop. Head on over here either before, or after you spend the day enjoying the ocean which is less than a kilometre away.