Funky Beach Restaurant On Koh Samui

Coco Tam’s is an upscale beach restaurant to enjoy great food and drink option in one of Koh Samui’s coolest areas. It’s right on the beach and has that awesome Samui ambience that everyone craves when visiting the Island.

Video Transcript

Okay it’s a little loud in here we got bartenders making drinks we got Anna and Nick right here but let me just walk you through I’ll show you some scenes of this place and some other food but let me try and get somewhere a little more quiet check this out we’re right on a beautiful beach this is Bo Put beach we’re right in the heart of fisherman’s village beautiful night look oh got a full moon tonight we got a DJ spinning tunes a little outdoor bar behind me lined up down the beach you see all kinds of people in these bean bag chairs enjoying cocktails enjoying drinks this is a Samui institution an absolute institution back there this is “Coco tams” and I hope you can hear me now i’m trying to get a bit away from the noise but that’s Coco tams and they have amazing food it is not cheap believe me there’s a sister restaurant they I don’t know if it’s a sister restaurant but papinas in Bangkok that they have the same sort of pizzas here I think uh is the deal the arrangement that they have with papinas but this place is a Samui institution as I was saying it’s it’s a great place for a sunset it’s a great place to spend an evening drinking eating they have all kinds of pastas salads and pizzas I would recommend the aop bacon and I’d recommend the truffle pizza if you’re into that sort of thing and some of the other stuff I’m getting a beet salad tonight their salads are good as I said it’s a little bit on the pricey side but when you want to treat yourself or the group or you want to go out drop some cash and have a good night Coco tams is a place where things light up at night starting from about sunset onwards you could have lunch in here too but starting from about sunset onwards this place really just starts to pop and it’s often packed great vibes great food great fun this is Coco tams.


Additional Information

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