GREAT Vegetarian Food In Bangkok

Great vegetarian food in Bangkok, Thailand. Fresh feeling with a cool atmosphere. Staff are super friendly and the location is convenient.

Video Transcription

Okay, I got one for all you vegans and veggie heads out here. It’s called Broccoli Revolution and look at this it’s down this funky path oh! it’s like a Kubrick movie. I’ll just show you my point of view and walk you through this place. They got a crazy cool menu, there’s Haelee. Haelee what are we eating? we got a tempeh salad, that’s Indonesian flavor and broccoli tabouli here and then we got this spicy cauliflower roll. How is it all? It’s great! very fresh and good flavor. Yeah, we just found this place there’s a couple of locations here in Bangkok it’s a super funky little spot pretty popular place I would say and they serve up delectable vegan and veggie food they have another seating area at the back here, and yeah, the things we got the salads were about 190 baht each and they also have like a jackfruit burger and an avocado burger and quite an extensive menu with what looks to be a lot of good flavors. Everything’s super fresh and has really nice tastes so if you’re a vegan vegetarian teenee not gonna forget about you.


Additional Information

Bangkok is a city that sees constant change. Officials in the public and private sectors are always planning and launching new projects across transportation, parks and recreation, public spaces etc. It almost feels like the ground moves beneath your feet here. In addition to this, there’s always new restaurants popping up that bring fresh perspectives to an already vibrant city. Broccoli Revolution, the spot featured in the video above is a funky chain of healthy food eateries that can be found all over central Bangkok. They’re an amazing place to go for breakfast, lunch, or dinner as it has an expensive menu where there’s something for everybody. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, Broccoli Revolution is a great place to go and make your taste buds pop. After enjoying a bite at Broccoli Revolution, definitely make a point to explore some of the new parks that have recently being built, as well as some of the temples that have been here forever. Thailand in general seems to be headed down a super cool path fueled by the creativity and drive of the younger generation. It’ll be fun to see where this city and country heads in the coming years. Between the unique blend of old and new You’ll be able to experience the very best of what Bangkok has to offer during your time here.