Healthy Food In CHIANG MAI

The Salad Concept in Chiang Mai, Thailand is a popular spot for lunch amongst the city’s digital nomad community. Tasty, healthy options at very reasonable prices makes this place a big win if you’re looking for a quick bite in Nimman.

Video Transcription

So while I go out of this place why don’t you take a reverse tour and go into this place it’s called Salad Concept and as you walk in you can see it’s a big space. It’s right here on the main road in Nimman, the happening hip trendy part of Chiang Mai this neighborhood is super cool. You’re gonna find a whole lot of pins from this neighborhood and this place is funky big seating crazy big patio with super nice decorations and the food is two things, it’s super fresh and it’s really affordable. I got a fried chicken salad with mashed potatoes and gravy on the side it was a set I didn’t order the mashed potatoes and gravy, it just came with it. And Haelee got the chicken lob with some rice berry rice and and a little salad and for the two of us it was 230 baht so it’s about seven dollars for both of us all in and as I said it’s super fresh place is called the Salad Concept and it’s one of many healthy options with lots for vegetarians lots for vegans right here in the heart of Nimman just keep clicking around this area and enjoy because this is one of the most special neighborhoods. I would say in all of Thailand places absolutely fantastic so enjoy a salad or whatever you have when you come in here, good smoothies too! I’m going now.


Additional Information

Chiang Mai packs a serious punch when it comes to its food scene. In my opinion, the quality that this city delivers rivals massive metropolitan areas like New York and Toronto. Not only is there a ridiculous assortment of what you’re able to enjoy, but all of the produce is sourced locally and comes fresh right to your plate at most places. The salad concept is conveniently located in what’s evolved into a digital nomad haven. Nimmanahaemin. It’s a restaurant that is extremely popular amongst the local expats and you’ll find all sorts of interesting, smart people from around the world enjoying a bite to eat in here, usually for lunch. That’s one thing that I find super cool about Chiang Mai. The fact that it’s packed with remote workers operating a variety of different online businesses and living their lives in a way that’s certainly not the norm. If you have ambitions of building out a remote business and being location independent, then Chiang Mai is a great place to meet and network with others doing exactly that. It’s not a lifestyle that’s easy to dial in, and not everyone has the skills and discipline to achieve success this way, but once you figure it out and establish a routine, I’d imagine it’s an extremely rewarding way of life.