Healthy Food In KOH SAMUI Lamai Beach

Great food cafe in Thailand Koh Samui. The smoothies here are the best in Lamai Beach!

Video Transcript

So if you’re in La Mai and looking for some healthy food look for this sign it says Samui health shop that’s how you’re gonna find it but it’s a place called “Lamphu Kitchen” and as you come inside immediately you’ll see some healthy drinks that you could buy to take away. Of course, a picture of the king and you’ll notice that this is a gorgeous little shop really well appointed decorations are nice it just oozes quality and relaxed vibe they have a ton of cool seating and when you get to the back and you go out to the back there’s a nice little patio area with some koi fish. They have all kinds of stuff on the menu great for vegans, great for vegetarians I went for a fried chicken salad but they have all kinds of stuff cold pressed juices organic coffee and a whole bunch of different types of smoothies I’m going to dig in now to a blueberry acai smoothie look at that it’s really absolutely incredible, if you’re in Lamai and looking for a healthy cool place come and check out Lamphu kitchen.

Additional Information

The most famous of all the islands in Thailand is Koh Samui. This island is a beautiful location that has stunning palm tree beaches and crystal-clear waters. Because of its broad appeal, the island is visited by various types of travelers from budget backpackers to wealthy celebrities. This island has plenty of relaxing beaches to make your vacation perfect, and the resorts located on these beaches are also beautiful. If you are looking for a cheaper stay while on Koh Samui, there are plenty of inexpensive options that are also located right on the beach. This island is also famous for its nightlife and full moon parties, so if you can try to come at that time of the month. If you want to experience the best full moon parties, Koh Samui’s neighboring island, Koh Phangan is renowned for them. Wat Phra Yai temple is the Big Buddha temple situated on this island and one that provides a spiritual nourishment when visited. It is important to visit temples when you are travelling around Thailand because each province has their own flair, and the temples differ when they are in unique settings. The temples on Samui are generally in flat areas, unlike Chiang Mai which has plenty of mountainous temples. The food scene in Koh Samui is also surprisingly good considering it’s a somewhat small island. Of course, the Thai food is always good because there are plenty of markets that have street vendors selling their local dishes. You can even go to beachside restaurants to order some Som Tam, fried rice, or whatever other Thai dishes you are cravings. Most restaurants also serve fresh coconut or other smoothies that are very delicious and get you into the island living. Another interesting food scene on this island is the health food. There are quite a few cafes on this island that take pride in their healthy dishes. The one we recommend above has quality food and delicious drinks that you can order if you are feeling like something a little healthier.

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