Hearty Thai Food in CHIANG MAI

Hearty Thai food that is a bit less spicy and more on the sweet side. Make sure to come at around 11 AM or after 1 PM as it can get pretty busy in here. The curry puffs are especially tasty if you are able to get them!

Video Transcript

Oh hi again Teenee it’s me back here for a good lunch spot in Chiang Mai in the Nimman area I bet you’ve noticed there’s a whole lot of pins in the Nimman area and that’s because this area is absolutely kick-ass and this place here is a place that uh Matt and new recommended to us Matt’s been living here for eight years news from here she’s been living here her whole life and they both recommended this it’s a place called “Aunt Aoy Kitchen” (ครัวป้าอ้อย) now this is our first time here but like many places in Teenee someone who’s been living here their whole life Thai person or an ex-pat or both that have been living here for years and years and years motor bikes then we’ll give it a try this place you can see has a big michelin sign in front of it and I think it’s an appropriate time to tell you that that doesn’t mean nothing to me you see michelin signs all over Thailand and yeah there’s a lot of michelin respirated restaurants that are here in Teenee but that’s only because they’re good I’ve been to some michelin signed restaurants in Thailand that I wouldn’t put in Teenee and then I wouldn’t go back to that whole program I don’t know to me it’s lost its luster and sometimes it even turns me off a little bit but I’m going to give aunt Aoy a fair shake I’m going to take you in and the only reason you’ll be seeing this video is if it meets the grade and is worth your visit let’s check it out!!

Okay, so one of the cool things about teeny is that I’m always shooting videos on my way out of restaurants which means haley’s paying all the time doesn’t really matter because we’ve been married for over 20 years but it’s kind of nice anyway so uh you’re watching this video that means we left this place in aunt Aoy always I’ll give you some advice I would come off hours either before the lunch hour at 11.15 a.m if you want a brunch style or come after like 1pm because she makes every single dish almost one by one with care with love I think that’s her stick so it took a while to get served but it was delicious it was hearty it was sweeter than your typical Thai meal you know here on Teenee we give you all kinds of variety from the little holes in the wall that that pack a punch for spice to places like this that are more on the sweet side and a full flavor I can see why this place was busy full of Thai people it was a different flavor than than I’m used to so we want to leave it on we want you to come and check it out and taste aunt always thinks oh what one final tidbit of information she makes these curry puffs that uh if if she has them you gotta get them she was sold out today we’re a little bit disappointed about that so we’ll come back and maybe get some takeout curry puffs another time enjoy at aunt Aoy.


Additional Information

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