CHIANG MAI - Heavenly Beef Noodles

Well decorated Chinese restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand that is perfect for true noodle lovers. The beef noodles are heavenly with flavours that will make your taste buds pop.

Video Transcription

Back again in the Nimman neighborhood one of my favorite neighborhoods in all of ธhailand and a place that you should definitely visit. We’re going to go in for some Chinese noodles right now! the place is called “Langzhou Noodles” it’s a simple menu, they have about four or five different uh types of noodles on the menu. Haelee and I are gonna go in get a couple of bowls of noodles and tell you all about it.

So Haelee’s is the namesake of the restaurant this place is called Langzhou Noodles, a Chinese noodle shop. I went with the Szechuan dry noodle so they have the noodles I got the beef you can do beef or pork um we got cucumbers here and then they have this Szechuan sauce here. I’m gonna start just a little light it can be pretty spicy and if you don’t like the dry they do bring it with uh some soup here that you can either dip your noodles in or you could pour the soup in here but I like to just fill up a spoonful and then put a little soup, a little sauce and we’ll see how it is. So we’ll just take a little noodle, a little cucumber, a little parsley, a little beef and let’s just put a little bit of this Szechuan sauce on and a little soup let’s see how this is.

Definitely fresh! that’d be the word I use the parsley just pops in your mouth, super fresh, super hearty, I’m gonna mix this up with a little more Szechuans sauce and then uh enjoy this meal.

Chris: What did you get Haelee?
Haelee: I got Langzhou style beef noodle soup.
Chris: What is Langzhou style?
Haelee: It is a clear beef broth noodle.
Chris: and how does it taste?
Haelee: Oh let me try!….hmm oh it’s very nice, it’s very uh clean and also hearty beef growth.

Check it out sometime it’s called Langzhou noodles, right on the main street of Nimman. This is a new place at the time I’m writing this so I’m going to leave it to all of you to drop comments below and see should this stand the test of time the teenee test of time should we keep it in the app come try the noodles let me know in the comments below and look there’s a new place if you all don’t agree that it belongs in teenee we’ll remove it but if you love the noodles we’ll keep it in, cheers everyone!
Whoa that was good, Haelee’s gonna just check out go for a little shop down here. Um see what’s down there, there’s a couple stores nearby but I wanted to leave you with a teenee tip if you go in here my recommendation would be to order the Szechuan noodles dry on top of the Szechuan sauce they give you a little chili oil and a little bit of vinegar if you’ve ever been to a place in New York city called Xian famous foods it’s got that addictive taste, a bit sour, a bit spicy when you doctor those Szechuan noodles up in there it’s pretty much just like that so come on down check it out “Langzhou Noodles” cheers everyone!!


Additional Information

The noodle scene in Chiang Mai is ridiculous. For whatever reason, restaurants in northern Thailand have really dialed this dish in, and you can find awesome noodles pretty much anywhere in the city. If you find yourself up here, be sure to check out this specific restaurant as it has quickly become a local favorite.