Homemade Italian Food In Chiang Mai

Homemade Italian pasta made by a true craftsman in Chiang Mai. This is an owner that takes pride in what he does and makes sure that every dish is prepared with love.

Video Transcript

This place behind me is where you’re gonna find some of Chiang Mai’s most rustic homemade Italian pasta. I’ll tell you the name of the place, I’ll show you what we eat but first, let’s just go quickly see the chef at work.

Chris: Is this your place?
Alexander: Yes.
Chris: What’s your name?
Alexander: Alexander.
Chris: Where are you from?
Alexander: I’m from Italy and that’s the place if you can see that’s my region.
Chris: Okay, and everything here is homemade?
Alexander: Everything is homemade.

so we made it inside they got some tunes playing so it’s going to mess with the audio and plus Haelee and I just want to eat all this look at this we have the bolognese here we have the Italian garlic bread here and we have the craziest one sage and butter spinach um ravioli so we’re going to indulge in this and then I’ll tell you a little bit more about this place and the price and whether it was good or not so that’s the pasta corner the place with the most homemade pasta in all of Chiang Mai. This guy’s like he’s a craftsman he’s a guy hey by the way speaking of craftsman there’s a Spanish craftsman that’s in teeny also in Nimman and he’s selling churros have any of you found him if not you should so we had the uh ravioli with sage and butter and man that is really really tasty that’s a nice little combination we also had a classic paparazzi with ragu like a bolognese type thing every time I go to a new Italian place I like to get that it’s an old standby it’s a classic I know and we also had this Italian garlic bread all of it very delicious all of it homemade most of the entrees in here go for about 220 baht so reasonably priced so uh if you’re in this is the Nimman area and it might even be worth driving as you can see this is not the heart of Nimman this is just a quiet quiet street where you got to come up to find this place but let me tell you if you like Italian food and you just want a nice simple rustic home-cooked Italian meal then do yourself a favor and come find Pasta Corner.


Additional Information

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