I Visited An Epic Mountainside Restaurant in CHIANG MAI

One of the greatest things about Northern Thailand is that there are so many beautiful restaurants and cafes out in the mountains. This spot is an amazing example of delicious food served in an unbelievable setting.

Video Transcript

One of the greatest things about Northern Thailand is that when you’re outside a Chiang Mai for example and you’re anywhere in the mountains there’s tons of beautiful restaurants beautiful cafes this is an example of that Haelee and I are out we’ve rented a motorbike for the day we just came from the Botanical Gardens this is stop number two we’ve gotten hungry and it’s quite close to the Botanical Gardens this is a restaurant called “Pong Yang Ang Doi” I don’t know if I pronounced that right but as you can see it’s absolutely gorgeous you can hear water flowing and in a minute I’ll show you what that is they have Northern Thai Cuisine it’s a little bit more expensive you know it’s it’s maybe double the price like 150 180 Baht for an entree maybe double the typical price of it typical restaurant but you’re definitely paying for the gorgeous setting it’s absolutely spectacular in here we’re in a valley there’s a stream more of a has crossed between a stream and a river running through it it is super peaceful tons of Thai come out here to enjoy a nice escape From the city and into the mountains the restaurant is behind me over here and look at it I mean look where we are so this is worth a stop but there’s lots of places like this out out here out in the mountains and if you find one that is amazing drop it in the comments of this pin let’s all use Teenee to help each other find the best spots in Thailand and over time we’re gonna continue keeping an eye on the comments we’re gonna continue adding amazing local spots all over the country and you could do your part by dropping a comment and saying hey guys if you like this type of place here’s another example of a place that you might consider and then uh and then Teenee just improves the Teenee community our shared love of this amazing country I’m gonna go in there I might show you a couple of shots of the food but I might not because really let’s be be honest it’s all about this!

so this is uh Kaeng hang le this is a northern Thai Thai specialty with pork big pieces of pork here we’re gonna get some of that look at this…Kaeng hang le a northern Thai curry it’s very rich I guess the closest thing I could think of is Panang curry down maybe down south but there’s definitely a flavor from well nice Ginger slices in there it’s a flavorful Curry let’s see how tender the pork is get in get in on the oh look at that oh now that looks nice so again a little piece of Ginger here a little piece of pork

mmm very very good actually um but it’s all about the setting but the food is actually really really good here what is this one?
Haelee: This is a Chayote stir-fry with egg.
Chris: What is Chayote?
Haelee: It’s a green vegetable very flavorful and there is some crunchiness when they do stir fry it’s not musho at all and I love this one.
Chris: Well let’s give it a try and see how it is.
Haelee: I said it’s mined flavor but it’s sweet it’s a oyster sauce and a little bit of it sesame oil taste yeah yeah it’s great.
Chris: So 500 Baht let’s see Haelee do you think that was worth it?Haelee: Oh yeah it’s a nice the food is good and look at the place it’s so nice.
Chris: Yeah it’s kind of like Bangkok prices but uh but I mean you’re paying for this like I mean this setting is what you’re paying for the food was surprisingly good.
Haelee: Yeah yeah yeah I think it’s great I love it!
Chris: All right you ready to hop on the bike make another stop?
Haelee: Yes sir!!


Additional Information

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