Kayak Through the Massive Lod Cave in PHUKET

Super fun activity where you hop in an inflatable kayak and have someone paddle you through all of the secret little mangrove ponds and caves. You’ll have to charter a boat to get out here and for that, 5-Star Marine is highly reccomended. They are also here in Teenee so make sure you take a peak at that pin for more information!

Video Transcript

So to get to this one it’s gonna be a bit of an effort this is listed as an activity so that’s the little hiking man you can you can filter activities here in teenee this is uh I don’t even know the name of it right now but whatever we’re gonna call it you’ve clicked on it and that’s the name of it we’re floating in the middle of the Andaman sea here and what you do is you get in one of these little inflatable kayaks and they have a nice guide here.
Chris: Sawatdee Krap, What’s your name sir?
The Guy: Marik
has been paddling us through these epic little Mangrove forests and tunnels and rock formations and through caves it’s uh it’s a pretty spectacular little outing it’s been what would you say chagia half hour yeah about half a half hour yeah about a half hour here in these canoes surrounded by this epic beauty but you’re gonna have to charter a boat to get out here because this place is just this business is floating in the middle of the Andaman sea this is a mobile floating business that we’ve put for you here in teenee as an activity that you might want to try.


Additional Information

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