KOH SAMUI - Authentic Korean BBQ

Really good spot in Koh Samui, Thailand if you’re craving those tasty flavours that Korean BBQ tends to deliver. This restaurant is perfect for a group outing. Food is awesome and drinks are cold.

Video Transcript

So one thing I’ll always do for you here on teenee is find the best Korean spots. I lived in Korea for four years and I married to a Korean. Haelee’s Korean so we always find the best Korean spot so if there’s a Korean spot in here you know it’s a good experience and tonight’s Korean spot is the “Seoul Korean BBQ” grill you just look for the sign attached to the coconut tree and then you walk in the grounds it’s like a little shack in the woods with some epic kind of landscaping around it and stuff it’s pretty cool but tonight this restaurant isn’t even one of my recommendations, it’s a recommendation of my buddy Scott and he’s in there right now. We often come here for dinner on Samui, he lived in Korea for like 15 years and he’s lived on Samui for 15 years so you know that you can trust his opinion. Let’s just go back here real quick, I think this is the kitchen.

Sawatdee Krab! This is the kitchen, this is where the magic happens right? Yesss! so that’s where the magic happens, now let me just take you inside the actual restaurant, we’ve just ordered up a nice Korean barbecue. This is a great place to come for a Korean barbecue we ordered a set that was like 800 baht I got a Leo and it has ice in it, I don’t know if you can hear that but it has ice in it so some of you out there might say that this is a sacrilege to have ice in my beer but tell me if you’ve been to Thailand enough and you’ve gotten a big bottle of beer that gets warm halfway down you don’t love pouring it in a cup of ice so on that note let’s uh dig into the delicious barbecue that we got served up here.

so that was absolutely delectable here at the Seoul Korean barbecue this is a tough place to find which is why we have a map link in teenee you just click the map link, you can get turn by turn directions to all of these spots uh with a couple of presses of your finger so if you’re hankering Korean food you’re in Samui try this place and there’s also another Korean teenee pin in Samui and it might be even better have you found it yet.

Additional Information

Koh Samui is Thailand’s second largest island and is an extremely popular spot for tourists to visit. It’s mostly known for its palm tree filled beaches and its beautiful beach resorts that always provide a luxurious experience for their customers. The island also has plenty of rain forests and mountains to visit on explorative hikes. There are also a bountiful number of restaurants to try on the island, so don’t be shy to explore the different foods.