KOH SAMUI - Best Coffee On The Island

Great coffee bar in Koh Samui, Thailand with kind staff and a super cool owner. This place is meant for true coffee lovers. As good as it gets on Samui!

Video Transcription

So we’re here in the “Here” that’s where we are the here slow coffee bar. This is a place that’s owned by a good friend of mine and someone you guys probably know, Khun Oui she was the one that orchestrated that giant food drop on Koh Samui uh when it was needed and she’s also quite the renaissance woman, she has an amazing gym will probably drop a pin for her gym but she has this awesome coffee bar it’s probably the nicest little coffee shop on Samui, the quality is out of control, it’s a super cool place. They do have a patio but a little drizzling rain outside today so we came inside. I’m with Adam he got a flat white one of my personal favorites and everything they make in here is amazing and one of the maestros of it all is Ling-Ling, hello hi hi nice to meet you all. So she was telling me a cool story about the these bags here they have all these colorful pictures on them I wanted you to share that with everyone out there.

Ling-Ling: Sure uh we’re all here at Here Slow Bar coffee and these are all the coffee beans from different parts of the world, we have different coffee beans from colombia, ethiopia and brazil tanzania these are a very special coffee beans because they’re all with printed artworks by special kids with autism and we want to share the message that these kids have and I think it’s very creative and these are all their imagination so we just hope that you know as a coffee shop a small one here in Samui we can also be a part to share their messages.

Chris: So thanks Ling-Ling for sharing and if you want Samui’s best cup of coffee come into here which is called Here Slow Bar and by the way how do you say here and Thai?

Ling-Ling: Actually, the word here as in here in Thai means teenee we say teenee.

Chris: Oh, It’s interesting, they say teenee for the word here in Thai. I wonder if you knew that you probably did but I think this is an appropriate place to end the video so check this place out for sure it’s good friends, it’s good coffee and uh yeah they’re just cool people in here. thank you so much Ling-Ling!


Additional Information

This is probably the best place on all of Koh Samui to get tasty, high quality coffee. There’s two or three locations spread around the island, and it’s owned and operated by an inspirational serial entrepreneur named Khun Ui. Everything she does is beyond impressive, and this coffee bar is exactly that. Impressive. You’ll likely end up in the Bo Phut area at some point during your stay on the island, so make sure you pop in here for a tasty caffeinated beverage.