KOH SAMUI - Excellent Breakfast Spot

Excellent breakfast option in Koh Samui, Thailand that offers tasty food at a reasonable price with super friendly staff. A great place to start your Samui mornings. The Avocado toast is especially good!

Video Transcription

So you’re out here you’re looking for breakfast in Samui, you might have gone to KOB by the sea if you haven’t checked that out, click it! because there’s a pin link there that place is awesome it can get quite busy but there is a super local lovely option called the “Coffee Cup” right beside right across the street actually, look for this windmill and you go inside it’s just a super friendly local place. They have amazing breakfasts, I would imagine the lunches are pretty good as well, super friendly staff working there definitely check it out it’s a regular spot of mine actually here in Samui. I’m actually here with someone special that I wanted to introduce you to!

Chris: Say hi Adam.

Adam: Hello teenee.

Chris: So many of you would know him my nephew Adam uh all the Retired Working For You users out there would already know this young lad but if you’re new here to teenee I wanted to introduce you to him because he’s one of the architects pulling levers behind the scene helping us keep suits away and fight off the suits, tell them about our pact, our surrender beach pact.

Adam: So we we’re on the beach a couple of beers deep and we decided that never ever ever do we want to bring in outside money, outside suits big venture capitalists, all of this is powered by the tv community.

Chris: And that’s you, all of you we were on Surin beach over in Phuket last month and came to this realization that we want this to be a boutique community that just supports the boutique feel that the quality of these places the whole philosophy of digging a little deeper into Thailand and rather than cave to the suits and the people that are offering money like Adam says venture capital who come in and ruin teenee, it might look a little slicker, you might have to not deal with this ugly mug anymore but we’ve decided to keep it all about the core which is Thailand lovers who love Thailand and just want to experience more of it so I thought it’d be important for you to meet Adam here because he’s a key component of that.

Adam: And it’s great to meet you, teenee users!!


Additional Information

Conveniently located in the happening Bangrak area, this is a great spot to pop in for a quick breakfast or brunch while you’re on the island. The prices are reasonable, the quality is solid, and the staff are super friendly. The best time to come here would probably be before catching a ferry over to Koh Pha Ngan or Koh Tao as Bangrak pier is where these boats come in and out of. The restaurant is about 2 minutes away from this very spot.