KOH SAMUI - Family Owned Thai Food Restaurant

If you want an amazing dining experience at a family owned Thai Food Restaurant in Koh Samui, Thailand, then look no further than Mr. Eungs. On a place like Samui where there is plenty of amazing Thai food, this spot really differentiates itself with its awesome owner and friendly atmosphere. Make sure to try a few different dishes as they do so much more than just seafood

Video Transcript

This is a pin that is of personal significance to me to share with all of you because this is my…if I had to pick one community in Thailand that is my home community it’s without question Plai Laem Chong Moon beach is right down there, we’re right in ply lam it’s called and we’re at the local institution. This is where all the local people who live here come and hang out, I’ve said it before in videos it’s like cheers it’s like it’s like everybody knows your name. The place is called “Mr.Eung’s restaurant” and it’s a place that you should come and check out, they have incredible food here incredible good times here but most of all they have this guy.

Mr.Eung: Welcome everyone!

Chris: Yessss.

Mr.Eung: Good food, Good people, Sexy owner.

Chris: What type of people should they take? at night time he turns into his alter ego named Lisa and uh we have a lot of fun in here, it’s mid afternoon we’re just having a couple of you’ve caught me with a rare san miguel light but we’re just popped in to say hi, he’s a dear old friend and what type of food should they eat if they come here?

Mr.Eung: Oh it’s seafood.

Chris: Yes excellent oh yeah like and tell them what I love most.

Mr.Eung: My friend likes the steam fit with lemon and chili sauce.

Chris: Yeah, if you’ve had like a steamed….

Mr.Eung: Oh and morning glory but sometime morning glory infinite you can come evening we have evening glory my friend.

Chris: Evening glory here I think this might be the only place in Samui that you can get evening glory, you come in here if you like seafood uh get a steamed fish like a white snapper or something he’ll get whatever’s fresh and they steam it up with this Thai chili and lemon sauce it’s so delectable and he makes spring rolls.

Mr.Eung: Homemade! but when my sprinkle finished, we buy at seven eleven yes okay. I’m joking.

Chris: This spring rolls here have like noodles inside right?

Mr.Eung: Yeah, Glass noodles.

Chris: I’ve never had spring rolls like this man’s spring rolls and this is a family business come on over let’s look at this setting it’s beautiful oh look two sons, two sons come here to say hello.

Mr.Eung: Two monkey.

Chris: What’s your name?

The boy: Best Krab.

Chris: Yes nice and how old are you?

Best: Uhhh 16 years old.

Chris: What’s your name?

The boy: Boss Krab.

Chris: Boss is back here, how old are you boss?

Boss: Eighteen.

Chris: 18 and 16 a family business owns life’s back there the chef and his wife are back there this is an absolute legendary local institution it’s a place that I’m proud to share with teenee this is one of the top top top places you should definitely come and hang out you’ll probably find me here for crying out loud thanks a lot thank you take good care of them when they come please.

Mr.Eung: Okay, welcome everyone you can enjoy my food and fresh seafood 100%. Mr.Eung and Lisa guarantee!