KOH SAMUI - Fresh Bakery In Bo Phut

Great little bakery in Koh Samui, Thailand that offers a nice selection of fresh bread. conveniently located in the Bo Phut area, this is a great spot to stop in after you arrive on the Island and you’re looking to stock up your hotel room or private villa with some baked goods

Video Transcription

Right on the main street here place called “Take a Bread” so this is a place that if you stand in a villa you have a villa rental and you like fresh bread for breakfast this is a tiny little family run bakery and they do whatever they do that day but they do some delicious bread. We like to come in here get a couple of loaves of bread so that’s this one you can see 90 baht there, that’s this Sourdough Rye.
Chris: What do you get Haelee?
Haelee: I got sourdough.
Chris: Do you have a tip for these people?
Haelee: Yeah, come here earlier before noon I guess.
Chris: She said they were missing something they sold they sold out so basically they only make a certain amount of each type of loaf each day so get here earlier rather than later. What time is it now, it’s about one o’clock? so yeah come in the morning, that’s the tip!!


Additional Information

Koh Samui is my favorite island in all of Thailand. It’ this perfect blend of local flavor, with western amenities. The nature is spectacular, the community is tight, and the restaurant scene is solid. I believe that in the coming years, Koh Samui will become one of the major places in the world that people choose to build or purchase second homes if they want to spend more time in Southeast Asia. It’s certainly one of the more expensive places in Thailand, largely because Bangkok Airways owns the only airport on the island and it’s not easy, nor cheap to get here, but in a way that’s what allows it to thrive while retaining its charm. People that come here make it a priority to be here because they love it so much. The little bakery featured in the video above is located in the Bo Phut area of the island and offers a wide assortment of fresh breads and baked good. It’s not fancy, and it’s not out of this world quality wise, but it’s really tasty and the prices are super reasonable. It’s the perfect place to stop in after you have landed on the island and you’re looking to stock up on basic essentials like toast muffins, etc.