KOH SAMUI - Michelin Star Thai Food

Michelin star restaurant without the Michelin star prices in Koh Samui, Thailand? This place is as authentic as it gets. My friend Wut has lived on the Island for over 20 years and recommended this spot to us. Thais will never steer you wrong when it comes to good places to eat!

Video Transcription

Oh my mouth is burning from that delectable, delectable Thai food dinner so let me just tell you a little bit about this place because it’s pretty epic and it’s one of those places even with all this out front, this is how you’re gonna find it but this is a place that I’ve driven by probably hundreds of times, it’s right on this kind of empty stretch of Bangrak road just driving back and forth back and forth going places, it’s this little non-descript Thai restaurant in a garden setting behind me and then the other night my friend Khun Wat, shout out to you man! he’s been living on Samui forever and he has a good taste in food. He said that we should try this place, he said it’s always full of Thai, it’s always busy with local people and it makes good Thai food. I said what kind of food do they make good what, he said everything! they make everything good and look at this they’re a Michelin restaurant and usually I gotta say that doesn’t impress me, the whole Michelin thing doesn’t impress me but this place does it upright it’s called “Khao Horm” so look for the signs that you’ve seen in this video, look for the little old gas stations and stuff they have tons of seating a really great Thai dinner. We had Thai fried rice, we had spicy mango salad, we had this amazing hot and spicy curry, we had morning glory and a Thai omelet and it all came out to 460 baht so less than 15 dollars, there were three of us here tonight Haelee, Adam and I and this is a place that should be on your list if you come to Samui, Khao Horm!!

Additional Information

This is a spot that was recommended to us by a local Thai friend. Thai’s rarely steer you wrong when it comes to food recommendations, so we decided to try it out and it was well worth it. The flavors pop, there’s all sorts of those delicious local spices, and the ingredients are fresh. It’s located in a really convenient part of the island, especially if you happen to be staying in the Plai Laem district. This is a part of the island that many expats choose to call home because of its proximity to the airport, amazing nature, and tight community. If I had to recommend one area on Samui to book your stay, Plai Laem would certainly be the place. All in all, if you’re looking for tasty, authentic Thai food then make sure to check this restaurant out.