Koh Samui's Best Fruit Stand

This is a local fruit stand in Bangrak where you’re able to purchase all sorts of tasty Thai fruits that likely can’t be found in your home country. Unless you’re from the tropics of course! They also do great smoothies where you can select up to three different fruits and mix them together. Tasty business.

Video Transcript

There’s Haelee going to her favorite fruit stand in Bang Rak so this pin yeah it’s gonna get you to this fruit stand here look at all those mangoes oranges but the video is also going to show the inside of a mangosteen you might not have tried these before but that is a Thai fruit worth getting to know and it’s not the only one oh there’s another one right there passion fruit we’ll save that we’ll save that for another pin but this is a fruit standing walk up to the fruit stand in the neighborhood where you’re in take a look around buy some fruits that you may not have in whatever country you come from because Thailand has some fruit that is spectacular and one teenee tip is you’ll know what fruit’s in season because you’ll see pickup trucks on the sides of the streets and driving around selling those fruits only when they’re in season those are the fruits that you really want to try because when they’re in season you just pop and then just pop them off now i’m going to take you home and i’m going to show you uh just how we eat mangosteen so you know what the inside looks like and I’ll describe the taste for you but this is nothing more than a uh roadside fruit stand one of our favorite ones in Bang Rak which is it’s kind of our home village here in Koh Samui so come and check it out!
Okay, as promised back home ready to eat a few mangosteen I like to eat three maybe four at a time…
Step number: one you’re gonna want to give them a wash okay you don’t eat this outer skin you don’t eat the stock or the leaves but it’s always good to give them a little bit of a wash first.
Step two: make sure you grab a napkin tissue I got a paper towel here this is gonna get a little messy and grab a fork uh I got a big fork but get the littlest fork possible okay now we got all the tools we got three fresh clean mangosteens let’s crack into these so start just twist off the top here get rid of that so now you got a nice clean mangosteen now I’m gonna break into it here look at this the flesh easily it’s very you know it’s ready to eat when there’s a lot of give when you can feel it and it’s a little bit soft that’s when you know it’s ready to eat and look inside it’s like little garlic cloves right looks like little garlic cloves this is where the fork comes in and you just get a couple of these pick them out one or two at a time and then you just…

they’re sour they taste nothing like mango they’re sour they’re tangy it’s like a sour candy my daughter loves the sour candies the sour keys and stuff this is nature’s version of a sour candy right here um visit your local Thai fruit stand and in teenee I’ll find the little nicest little fruit stands in many parts of this country I’ll share them with you and each time I do i’ll walk you through a different Thai fruit oops one thing I forgot to tell you look at the size of this one when you get these big ones they do have there’s a little seed or pit inside you don’t want to eat, the smaller pieces don’t have it these ones do so be careful of that!


Additional Information

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