Lively Night Market In CHIANG MAI Thailand

Unbelievable night market located right in the Suthep area of Chiang Mai Thailand at the base of the University. More food options than you could ever dream of is what makes this experience special. Thai night markets are the best!

Video Transcript

You’ve probably been to old town Chiang Mai in the middle of the moat. You’ve probably been to the hip and trendy neighborhood known as Nimman but have you been here to the area known as Suthep. This is the type of Thailand that Haelee and I probably love most. Look at these little sausages all kinds of street food. This is Suthep road and you enter in right at the start of the entrance to Chiang Mai university, Suthep road almost ends up here and then almost every night of the year it’s Friday night now there’s a lot of young people a lot of university students but all kinds of Thai people come out all kinds of locals who live here come out and now you can come out because we’re telling you about it it has all kinds of treats I mean it’s just endless rows and rows and rows of street stalls everything from full meals little restaurants that you can grab a seed in grab a meal in to desserts. Look at this, she’s peeling up the fresh mango there some sour mango sliced up I could just I could show you all of the different things a little bit of silkworm larvae and stuff I could show you all of the different things but it’s best for you to come and experience it for yourself oh Kimchi!! they even have kimchi so I will leave a pin at the entrance to Chiang Mai university and if you get yourself there then just walk down Suthep road you can’t miss it! it just goes on and on and on and the other side of the street is jam-packed with restaurants as well but this side it just goes on forever a really really amazing part of Chiang Mai. I think, if I lived in Chiang mai this would probably be the neighborhood that I’d want to live in more than any other because it just feels the most local and it has so much vibrance to it so much to offer so definitely wanted to put it in teenee come down and check it out. Here let me show you what it’s like getting dinner here so we stopped for one of my favorites this is called Khao Kha Muu and it’s the stewed pork leg, you’ve seen me eat this one many times but up here in northern Thailand well at least at this place it seems a little bit different and what’s different about it is this, the sauce it’s like it’s this green spicy seafood sauce. The other thing that’s different is that they’ve given some crispy wonton skin it looks amazing I decided to get it over noodles instead of rice it usually comes over rice but I decided to get it over noodles the noodles look fresh they look homemade let me load up a spoon and I’ll tell you how it tastes. Start with the little noodles get a little pork and tip for you I said “mai sai man” mai sai means please don’t put in and man is the really fatty part of any meat I don’t like the fatty part so I said “mai sai man” she actually understood and I got a nice lean selection I’m gonna dip it in this sauce we’ll get a bunch of that and some of the greens that go with it some of the greens that go with it so we’ll load up a spoon here.

The noodles are definitely really really nice they’re they’re a little bit chewy those Chinese style noodles. This is a delicious uh a delicious version the seafood sauce turns this dish from what’s normally a sweet dish into a more spicy dish, I’m going to enjoy this but isn’t this setting this restaurant right on the side of the street this is what Thailand does better than anywhere in the world, don’t you just love these sorts of places I know I do. Anyway, I’m gonna finish this it’s about 50 baht so less than two dollars for dinner and then we’re gonna go to a dessert shop so 49 baht for that meal and this is an absolutely incredible part of Chiang Mai so we’re showing you four different areas of Chiang Mai and out of the four if there was one that I would live in out of any of them for me it would be this area this is the end of Suthep road.