Local Dessert Shop in BANGKOK

This is a super local dessert shop that sells all sorts of Thai treats at amazing prices. If you’re in the Yaowarat area and looking to satisfy your street tooth cravings, then be sure to pay this place a visit.

Video Transcript

I have our host Fah back for this pin but she ran across the street and in case you’re wondering getting across the street in Bangkok can be a bit challenging at times so she ran across the street she’s over there and I can’t get across I’m stuck here in traffic but don’t worry I’ll brave it I’ll make it across and uh we’ll show you what she’s gotten store a little dessert treat.

Oh man, Fah let’s get over here you ran away you ran across the street and I couldn’t keep up what happened there?
Fah: It’s just like I’m used to it!
Chris: You’re used to it, she’s going like this she’s waving she’s not looking and the cars are I was that was scary for me a lot.
Fah: Yeah yeah I know.
Chris: Anyway tell them where we are here what are we gonna eat?
Fah: Okay we’re gonna eat dessert this place is called “SweetKiangMeng” (ขนมหวานเกียงเม้ง)
Chris: All right so what do they have in here what are some of the types of things that people could eat if they come here.
Fah: Okay you can eat like Bao Loi, Sakuu Tuadang or Tau Suan.
Chris: I don’t understand what what what is this coconut is this man I didn’t understand any of that.
Fah: Bao Loi is like a coconut coconut milk yes but actually they have many many uh Thai desserts you can look at the menu and like try to order.
Chris: I see on the menu like black bean with sesame some ginger and glutinous rice balls who alloy is coconut yes I’m gonna try a Bao Loi she recommends let’s see what it’s like. Okay so this looks like it has tarot pieces it has fresh coconut and the Bao Loi are actually these little glutinous rice balls so let’s get a piece of everything on here I definitely need a piece of coconut it’s very hot this one Haelee I apologize Haelee this is one of her favorites it’s a warm coconut milk with everything taro coconut Bao Loi.

oh wow it’s pretty sweet but the overwhelming flavor is coconut this is a nice little street side dessert stall right here in the heart of chinatown so when you’re wandering around come and check this place out Fah’s recommendation!!


Additional Information

Bangkok, Thailand has some of the most epic shopping anywhere on earth. Many of these massive mall complexes would put their counterparts in Europe or North America to shame. The Holy Grail of Bangkok shopping is IconSiam. This is a newly built architectural masterpiece located right on the east side of the Chao Praya river across from central Bangkok. It has anything and everything that you could think of. Whether you’re looking to purchase something from a luxury brand like Gucci, Chanel, Fendi, Rolex, etc. or simply want a basic Tee from Uniqlo, this place has it all. You can even buy a Ferrari right in the mall if you’re looking to spend some serious coin. There’s also an epic food court on the ground level of IconSiam which features all sorts of tasty Thai treats that you can get at street food prices. One thing that’s actually quite common across many Bangkok shopping centres is to have at least one or two food courts that act more like Thai markets than they do a typical eating area. The food in these areas are both tasty and cheap. The reason that these exist is because the developers or owners of these massive shopping complexes want to drive as much foot traffic as possible inside of their real estate. So, they give significant rent breaks to the vendors that would normally have to compete for space in an outdoor market. What ends up happening is that residents find a specific vendor or restaurant that they like, and make it a weekly routine to go and enjoy some food from that specific location, inside of whatever mall it exists in. The food courts inside of these malls actually become attractions on their own, resulting in more foot traffic inside of the mall.