Local Noodle Shop In Koh Samui

This is an awesome Noodle Shop in the Bo Phut area of Koh Samui. The key here is to put all the pieces together to really make the flavours pop. You’ll get fresh ingredients and spices on the side that should be added to the soup.

Video Transcript

Where we’re gonna eat right now is this place here this we’ve been coming here for years it’s definitely a place worth checking out the name of it though I can’t quite figure it out oh here oh wait a minute I need to tell you the name what is the name?
“Guai Tiao Rua Khun Poo”
Haelee you try!

okay, all right well I’ll taste it but I can’t say it okay so that roughly translates to the father noodle so that’s what we’re gonna call it and they do some delicious classic noodle soups in here it’s a great little spot um it’s best if we just go in and show you our lunch in here right.

All right, foods arrived it comes in various parts you got to put all the pieces together to really make this one sing so they’ll give you the bowl of pork noodle soup here so we got Senlek the traditional rice noodles there medium thickness some nice sliced pork you can get pork you can get beef you can get um pork balls beef balls some tripe some stewed we just got the classic standard sliced pork I’m not too adventurous when it comes to the wide variety of meats you can get then you have right here you got some fresh bean sprouts you’re going to want to definitely load that up and then you’re going to want to twist in some fresh basil if there’s one herb that defines Thailand it’s gotta be fresh basil break that up and get it all fragrant in there and then they have a bevy of um additions you can put in the red chili flakes which look this is what I would normally put into a lot of Thai dishes the red chili flakes sugar I would never add fish sauce Haelee loves it but I’m not a giant fan this one though is very intriguing look at the look of this it’s it’s got some chili flakes in it I’m definitely gonna give that one a try in here so let’s see here we’ll put this on the way I like to do it is to just give a little bit of taste over to the one side and then to see how that all comes together let’s say ready…I gotta get some basil come here basil oh yeah that’s nice that’s that’s a little spicy a little sour I’m gonna add a bunch more of this I’m gonna oh look I got all thick too I’m gonna add a bunch more of this even more I really like that one and then I am gonna add just a little bit of chili flakes for a little bit of cake.

All right, there it is I’m ready to go and by the way wait do you hear how much this is just let me finish it up and I’ll tell you, so for that whole lunch 230 baht and that included two coconut ice creams so teenee this is yet another place here on Samui that uh that you’re gonna find that you wouldn’t have without using teenee and you can come to any one of these three shops this is what we call in Canada a hat trick there’s three shops in a row all combined all working together all delicious and worth you paying a visit so thank you Jeff my friend Jeff who lives here on the island introduced this to Haelee and I a couple of years ago and we’ve been coming ever since so thanks Jeff when you come here and satisfy your noodle craving!


Additional Information

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