LOCAL Noodle Spot In Phuket

Small Thai noodle shop in Phuket, Thailand famous for its Khao Soi. One of the best local spots to grab a bite in this part of the Island.

Video Transcription

Right here on this busy street in Phuket, you’ll see a PTT gas station up that way. But behind me is where you want to go to a place called the Noodle House. And this is a spot that the local expats love. As we go inside, You can see it’s packed for lunchtime. They have a whole variety of noodles that you can get in here, but I’m here with Haelee and we’re here for the Khao Soi noodles, that’s what we’ve ordered. They got a little bit of what I like to refer to as Thai kimchi on the table. It’s mustard greens, pickled mustard greens, I’d highly recommend that you throw a little dollop of that into the Khao Soi and this place is super cheap. I think it was 60 or 70 baht so this is a great fine if you want to live like an expat head on over to the noodle house.

Wow was that ever good! The total bill was 120 baht. So what’s that about four bucks for Haelee and I ate together a hearty that was a meal worth a hearty bowl of Khao Soy. So one thing I’m going to ask of all of you teenee users said land for sale here. So do me a favor, If you try and come here and the place is gone and you hear where their new location is, if that ever happens, drop a comment below. I can only come to these places so many times. And it’s up to all of us here in Teenee to make sure that this whole lists days like the true gold that it is that place was a 10 out of 10.


Additional Information

Phuket is an island in the South of Thailand that offers amazing beaches, nature, restaurants, culture, and people. It’s a world class destination for travelers and one of its greatest strengths is its local food scene. Whether you’re looking for international food, or local Thai food, this place has it all. The noodle house that the video above outlines offers amazing northern style noodles and is a popular place amongst locals. Just like many places around Thailand, the food is cheap, and the quality is fantastic. If you’re ever in this part of the island then make sure to pay this spot a visit. One thing to note however is to be careful of not putting too many chilies in whatever you may order. Thai people love things extra spicy and oftentimes if you don’t specifically say that you want it less spicy than normal, you’ll be in for a hot surprise. The noodle house mainly offers northern food, which is certainly less spicy than southern food, but can still have some real kick to it if you don’t know what you’re getting into. After enjoying a tasty lunch in this area, head over to one of the many world class beaches for an afternoon swim and some chill time. If you time it out correctly, then you’ll likely be treated to one of Thailand’s world class sunsets.