Local Restaurant In Bangrak KOH SAMUI

Solid little Thai restaurant in Bangrak Koh Samui with all sorts of local options. One word of advice though, this place serves their dishes pretty spicy so make sure to adjust the amount of spice accordingly based on what you can take!

Video Transcript

This place is called “Nood Soup” it’s not what you’re thinking get your mind out of the gutters you look for the sign that says n-o-o-d it’s a big red sign in the middle of Bangrak beach and this is a place that was recommended from our great Thai friend, shout out to you Khun Wut, he said that this place has been here it’s one of the first little local Thai restaurants in the growing village of Bangrak. This place has really come into its own over the last couple of years so if you’ve come to Samui and you only go to Chaweng or Lamai do yourself a favor come see what’s happening down here in Bangrak and if you do and you like local pie restaurants then check out this one don’t even know the name but we’re calling it “Nood Soup” because that’s the sign to follow I’m sure they have really good noodle soup in here they have that on display I went with a chicken cashew nut otherwise known in Thai as “Gai Pat Met Mamouang” it’s a classic Thai dish sometimes the chicken is deep fried this one looks really fresh they’ve got a nice amount of chilies on it. Let’s actually load up a a dish get that camera right in as tight as you can and let’s load up a dish here a spoonful with that red chili piece of everything.

oh yeah fresh local cheap Thai food but I’m not the only one eating here today. I saw you before / I love Thai food nice to meet you / Nice to meet you / What’s your name? / My name Keng, I am do the transport on Samui / Oh you do the transport? / Yeah this is my car and this is my favorite food from Samui / Oh beautiful / and what do you like in this restaurant? / Actually I like uh “Khao Moo Gratiam” the pork uh with the garlic with the pepper / Here at this place / It’s really nice also Pad Kra Pao / Ohh one of my favorite / spicy sauce, I love it, I stay near the airport oh / nice / maybe morning time, lunch time this place very famous actually if you came here before like two weeks a lot of time like this is fully fully with many customers many Thai people and also many Korean / Oh really / Korean guy they like this restaurant / Oh cool and your name again / My name Keng / So if you need tran van transport on Samui look up Keng and uh yeah he’s enjoying his favorite dishes.

And my Facebook is Samui transfer. Okay, go to Facebook Samui transfer this guy will say he’ll set you up with a nice uh with a nice van and uh he’s just enjoying he watches the youtube channel if you don’t know what that is that’s retired working for you’s youtube channel but this is “Nood Soup” and uh this is right in the heart of uh well the start of Bangrak fresh markets that way the uh the ferry piers just a little bit this way and this is what it looks like you’re gonna want to come in and check it out. As we let the motor bikes go by and pull out of the nood house behind us here I should just finish by saying that was 140 baht so quality quality quality at a cheap price that place has been there for over a decade and we’ve driven by probably a thousand times and we’ve never gone in but then our friend Wut said you better get into that place it’s a great local spot and so that’s what teenee’s all about that encapsulates what we’re trying to do here with teenee is to get you to just click a place that looks good looks interesting and then just take yourself there find yourself in a place that you might have drove by it a thousand times or you might have never even heard of the neighborhood but your Thailand experience will be like an onion that just gets more and more delicious layers, enjoy everyone.