Locals Only in CHIANG MAI

This is one of those rich Khao Soi spots on the outskirts of Chiang Mai. Full of locals, they serve up an amazing variation of Northern Thailand’s most popular dish with some tasty Sai Ua on the side.

Video Transcript

Excuse the noise there’s a car shop right here but I had to start this pin giving you the last mile direction sometimes google maps just doesn’t take you to uh the exact spot and when you get there if you just follow google maps you might have trouble finding the actual place you’re trying to find but here in Teenee we put videos in and when that’s the case we’ll try and give you these little last mile directions so depending which way you’re coming from you might not experience the same thing but sometimes it’ll bring you back through this back alley and you’ll wonder can there really be a restaurant here and then it spits you out at this auto body shop which is right on a highway with giant machinery what you want to do is swing back out here and you’re going to find this spot and if you’re feeling adventurous or if you just want something very very very local then here let me walk you in so this is a northern Thai place that specializes in Khao soi and this place was recommended to all of us by a friend of mine named New um Thai girl who’s been living here for her entire life so 30 years and this is in the part of Chiang Mai known as Lampoo and as you’ll see you’ll be the only foreigners in here and it has just delectable we got some Pad Thai look who’s here oh yeah what am I talking about Pad Thai we got lovely looking Khao soi we’re gonna dip some northern sausage in it look at this oh yeah and whatever with all the Khao soi you want to liberally apply the shallots and the mustard greens so we’re just gonna dig in here again as you can see around me this place is not easy to find it’s very very very local recommended by a local Thai who lives here and has a business in the area so if you want a little bit of adventure and you want to get way out of the norm in Chiang Mai and come out and try this spot!!


Additional Information

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