Luxury Day Spa In PHUKET

Luxury Day Spa in Phuket, Thailand where the staff are friendly and the service is exceptional. A premium experience that is definitely worth checking out while in Phuket!

Video Transcription

I’m just a few hundred meters off the Kamala beach road and I’m here to share with you a premium spa experience. This is The Oasis Spa Phuket and the locals rave about it, if you’re looking to splurge on a little bit more than your typical 300 baht beach massage and you want to come to a day spa this place might be the place for you. I’m going to give you a little video tour so you can just take a quick look inside but of course any spy you gotta come and experience yourself, right? Let’s take a look!!

I’m feeling a lot more relaxed just having been in there and looking around the place is really really nice. It’s definitely a high-end massage so if you’re looking to splurge and have some serious relaxation, book yourself some time here at The Oasis Day Spa. I gotta run and eat lunch but the person I’m with I think she wishes she could stay.

Haelee: yeah, I wish I can stay
Chris: do you like it in there?
Haelee: yeah I like it in there very much!

And Haelee does like the massages in The Day Spa so if this is Haelee approved then I would expect that they would like it too so come and check it out.


Additional Information

Who doesn’t love a nice spa day? Well, the Oasis Day Spa in Phuket takes this experience to the next level with its beautiful setting, convenient location, and quality service. It’s so much more than just another place to get a quick massage. This is one of those spots where you come with some girlfriends or your partner, and spend a half-day getting pampered in one of the most beautiful islands on Earth. It’s located in the central area known as Kamala Beach, which is full of great restaurants, blue waters, and white sand. If you head to Oasis in the morning, you’re able to quickly drive on over to the beach and enjoy an afternoon catching some rays and taking in a little slice of Phuket’s epic nature. Just a general Thailand tip for you, even if you’re not a big massage person back home wherever you’re from, it’s definitely worth getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing one of the many things that makes Thailand so popular around the world. Massages are a big part of the culture here, and have been around for hundreds of years. The Thai massage itself actually originated at one of Bangkok’s biggest temples, and is a big part of the recovery process for the Country’s national sport. Muay Thai.

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