Massive Tech Mall In BANGKOK

Large shopping mall specializing in computers, IT gear, photography equipment, and AV tech. You’ll find anything and everything tech-based that you can imagine here. This spot is wild.

Video Transcript

For this pin I took the MRT that’s the underground subway the BTS is above ground and this stop is called Phra Ram 9 and when you exit you can take exit 2 which goes to a big giant central shopping mall called Central Rama 9 but you want to take exit 1 to follow the signs to Fortune Town because that’s where we’re going and I’m going to tell you exactly what they have at Fortune Town when I get upstairs oh hello Lisa so that is Central Rama9 across the street I might do a pin on that one day big fancy shopping mall but this here is Fortune Town and if you’re ever looking for anything electronics when you’re in Bangkok this place is like candy land I love coming here as a bit of a tech head that I am uh so I’m gonna go inside and I’m gonna just give you a brief overview on what they have on each floor so that if you’re looking for something you’ll know exactly where to find it when you come here and if you’re not looking for anything in particular but you’re just a tech head and you want to come and shop around then uh definitely come by and spend a couple hours floating around in here let’s go in and take a look I’m gonna start up here on the third floor where they have endless rows and rows of computer shops shops with little hard drives any type of cable you’d imagine sometimes i had to get a cable to hook up a microphone to my iphone that sort of stuff you can see up here on the third floor it’s just as far as the eye can see those little electronic shops but that’s not all that’s up here this shop sells nothing but printer ink if you’re looking for a ring light a tripod a camera case even a megaphone this shop has all kinds of little doodads they got acoustic guitar shops electric guitar shops even guitar shops with little electric drum kits out front there’s a ton of cool amazing vinyl record shops I always come here to JIB to get my external hard drives if you need a laptop or phone repaired there’s all kinds of little repair shops and there’s all kinds of high-end audio file types of shops selling amazing amps and speakers and that sort of stuff so that’s the third floor now let’s go down to the second floor and out here in front of the Cafe Amazon which is a good place to fuel up they have an open space that has different types of things going on today you can see there’s a vintage camera sale they have vintage cameras film cameras digital cameras a whole bunch of lenses and stuff as if there wasn’t already enough shops in here they use this area to do some cool stuff so we’re on the second floor we’re at a sushi bar but right across from the sushi bar is this place called STM I love this is one of my favorite shops in here they got monopods over here they have little camera sliders if you ever need a gimbal this is a great place they have all different varieties of gimbals over here they have a wide selection of microphones for phones for cameras all kinds of the little camera accessories that the that the video files like whether you want to rig your camera out build a cage around it and oh they also have some good lighting in here let’s see how I look underneath that one still ugly oh well this is a good one zoom camera and the second floor is mainly camera shops so if you’re looking for a dslr if you’re looking for a gopro if you’re looking for a drone a bunch of lenses they have everything from lower level all the way up to some nice high level and it’s just rows and rows of camera houses before I show you where I normally shop I wanted to show you this place this guy has awesome used lenses in here let’s take a quick look it’s called the camera exchange and they have a crazy selection of nice used lenses all graded for all different kinds of cameras look at them all so I bought my little microphone those wireless mics right in this shop but the shop that I go to more than any other in here is called big camera and they have a ton of great stuff in here check this place out so they got microphones they got cameras they got drones cases bags lights they got it all in here it’s called big camera and this end of the main floor has a bunch of banks some more restaurants I did do a pin on the Farm Factory though so click on that if you want to learn more about this but let’s head down to the basement level the main floor is not too exciting this end has a pharmacy a bunch of restaurants and yes a Starbucks and you all know how I feel about Starbucks the basement has this big hallway they do have Thai massage so if you’re feeling a little stiff come down for that there’s a lot more restaurants food courts if you need some kitchenware well hey then come on down to the basement but there is one shop that I’m looking for that’s down here where I’m planning on making my purchase today and that shop is DJI yep I need a drone oh my oh they’re they’re closed they’re closed all right well if you are looking for a drone this is an official DJI shop I have bought a drone here before but that one’s sitting on a mountainside and Koh Phi-Phi crashed way up the hills I do need another drone so back up to big camera got the drone got the mavic air 2s so it’s a bit of an upgrade those of you that follow the youtube channel you can expect to see some beautiful drone work with this baby and the last one lasted me just over a year before I crashed it I’m hoping this one lasts more than a year so that was fortune town and I’m about to make a new pin video for this place right behind me if you’re looking to stay in Bangkok this is pretty much the most convenient place we’ve ever stayed it’s not just electronic shopping malls restaurants bars and stuff in here I’m showing you places to stay too if you want to see this place click on a pin called Chatrium or Emporium suites something like that anyway I gotta get to work over there see you later teenee!


Additional Information

Bangkok, Thailand has some of the most epic shopping anywhere on earth. Many of these massive mall complexes would put their counterparts in Europe or North America to shame. The Holy Grail of Bangkok shopping is IconSiam. This is a newly built architectural masterpiece located right on the east side of the Chao Praya river across from central Bangkok. It has anything and everything that you could think of. Whether you’re looking to purchase something from a luxury brand like Gucci, Chanel, Fendi, Rolex, etc. or simply want a basic Tee from Uniqlo, this place has it all. You can even buy a Ferrari right in the mall if you’re looking to spend some serious coin. There’s also an epic food court on the ground level of IconSiam which features all sorts of tasty Thai treats that you can get at street food prices. One thing that’s actually quite common across many Bangkok shopping centres is to have at least one or two food courts that act more like Thai markets than they do a typical eating area. The food in these areas are both tasty and cheap. The reason that these exist is because the developers or owners of these massive shopping complexes want to drive as much foot traffic as possible inside of their real estate. So, they give significant rent breaks to the vendors that would normally have to compete for space in an outdoor market. What ends up happening is that residents find a specific vendor or restaurant that they like, and make it a weekly routine to go and enjoy some food from that specific location, inside of whatever mall it exists in. The food courts inside of these malls actually become attractions on their own, resulting in more foot traffic inside of the mall.