Modern Korean Food Restaurant In BANGKOK

Modern Korean food restaurant in Bangkok where just about everything on the menu will make your taste buds pop. The Jajangmyeon is really nice as well as any of the Korean fried dishes. Located in the heart of Ekamai right near the BTS Station.

Video Transcript

Oh it’s a rainy night out there wouldn’t want to be on that motorbike Haelee and I just escaped yeah we were just starting to get wet and we’re uh we’re on our way here for dinner to a place called Korea Banjom is that what it’s called Haelee? / Bangkok Banjom / oh sorry Bangkok Banjom and what do they make what are they famous for / they make Korean and Chinese food / which is what / which is Jajangmyeon, Tang Su Yuk, fried chicken.

Fried chicken korean style and Tang So Yuk like deep fried pork with sweet and sour sauce and Jajangmyeon which let’s go in and show them the Jajangmyeon.

Whenever Haelee recommends a Korean place I think you know you can trust it right let’s go in and see.

Okay that was delicious I’m absolutely stuffed it was insane I would highly recommend both the Jajangmyeon and the Tang Su Yuk and it’s funny you know it seems like Chinese food has a different version in every country people say Chinese food in America is not like American Chinese food well this is Korean Chinese food style but it’s very much Korean and to uh prove that I got the owner here yeah / thank you / what’s your name? / my name is Young Ook, you can call me Ook / and you got a youtube channel / yeah I just start /and what’s the name / MootaekingTV / Mootaeking / m-o-o-t-a-a-k-i-n-g / I’m talking to the Mootaeking and he’s also the Bangkok Banjom king this is your shop? / yes / nice when did you open? / uh three years ago / three years ago and it’s already very popular so good job yeah / yeah good luck / super delicious and so you’re from Korea? / yes I’m from Korea / and but you’ve been living here he was telling me for a long time / yeah, a long time more than half of my life 22 years / oh really oh wow 22 years two years life in Korea so come and check his place out I’ll leave a link and if you need some Korean groceries is this your shop too? / yes! / the Bangkok mart just over there they got everything uh is that all imported from Korea? / from Korea / really oh cool this is the man right here uh near Akkamai station thank you so much thank you so much great to meet you brother so here’s the store we’ll actually walk out through the store look at all these Korean goodies i’m not going to leave a separate pin but I will tell you that it’s literally uh a hop skip and a jump from Akkamai station you can go to Akkamai BTS take exit number one walk down walk up soi 63 just about 100 meters and then come in this building here tickle your taste buds with some Korean cheers teenee.


Additional Information

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