Mountain Breakfast Food In Chiang Mai

Tranquil restaurant in the mountains serving up fresh food that is really tasty. This place is actually owned and operated by the same people that run another Teenee pin in Chiang Mai called Food 4 Thought.

Video Transcript

So I’m here with a very special guest so we’re uh heading into this place up in the mountains called “Ozark by Food For Thought” and uh we’ve put a pin on Food For Thought right what do you like to eat in there?
Haelee: I like the kale, worm kale salad.
Chris: Warm kale salad so anyway this place here is called Ozark By Food For Thought and it’s in this mountain setting up here behind uh it’s about 15 minute drive to get out here and uh this is our first time here but Food For Thought food number four thought if you want to search for that it’s in town in Chiang Mai it’s one of our favorite spots and they opened up this mountainside location called Ozark so we’re gonna go in we’re gonna check it out we’ll show you what it looks like in there we’ll tell you what it tastes like in there and then we’ll uh let you know how to get here.

Chris: What did you get Haelee?
Haelee: I got French toast it’s a Sourdough marinated in custard and this is lemon butter.
Chris: Lemon butter and what kind of fruits on top?
Haelee: I think it’s banana apple mango there is some mint
Chris: Well, give it a try.
Haelee: I will, oh yeah!
Chris: How is it?
Haelee: So good mmm what do you get?
Chris: I got what they call Epic hash browns which is these hash browns and they’re got two poached eggs over top they have a gorgeous sourdough toast that goes with it uh let’s see how these ones taste.

let’s load the fork up with these epic hash browns

hmm wow those are definitely tasty full of flavor um they’ve been garnished with a pretty heavy dose of parsley or Sage definitely a green herb of some sort but the eggs have been poached perfectly let’s try this nice sourdough toast.

chewy yummy this is an epic setting definitely worth a visit let Haley and I enjoy this we’ll tell you how much it costs and how to get here.

all right all done and uh the grand total was 498 Baht and we had a nice smoothie we had those hash browns and we had that French toast so again Chiang Mai value value value for quality is what this place delivers time and again everywhere that you go and I think you’ll enjoy the value for Quality when you come up here the other thing you’ll enjoy is it’s about 22 degrees out and it’s about 2 p.m uh we woke up this morning it was 17 degrees and so I mean talk about a different version of Thailand really nice but as I’m leaving this place I just thought I’d show you the grounds because it’s just a special little place to come and uh enjoy a lunch in the afternoon up here in the mountains this is Ozark and I told you I’d tell you how to find it we’ll just click the little map icon open it up in either Google Maps or Apple Maps get your turn-by-turn directions and drive on out here and enjoy.


Additional Information

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