Must See Temples In BANGKOK Old Town Thailand

One of the most serene outdoor temples in Bangkok Old Town Thailand where the key feature is the pond in the middle.

Video Transcript

So this is named “Wat Hongratanaram” it’s made a temple of swan but what is the most beautiful and the most important things about this temple is about this pool they call holy pooh the water in this pool are holy water can form many many pairs around the country and then they put in this pool so what the people believe about holy water so what they believe when you take a buff with holy water your body uh become like invincible like hard to kill like you can protecting you and give you like good luck but by the way we cannot take a shower from here so what people do they also can do like you saw do you guys see the small buddhas here

it is a buddha of the day that you born I mean the day in the week like let’s start from here is Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday daytime and Wednesday night time Thursday Friday Thursday and this one for people who don’t know exactly which day they born so what we do…if you know the day that you born like I’m born on Monday so I will come to the statue that for Monday then you respect with the hand like this, put in your between eyebrows, pull your head down then take this and drop the stud to the buddha like normally we do three times but you can do as many as you want

and then at the end do the same like before and brush your head down again so basically like giving you a good luck and like giving you like holy thing to your body.

Additional Information

One of the most popular tourist spots in Thailand is the big city of Bangkok. There are so many activities to do in this city whether it is in the daytime or the nighttime. You can start the day with a relaxing massage and then get a quick bite to eat at one of the local food markets. After some rest you can then go and enjoy the vibrant nightlife of this big city. Whether you start at Khao San Road or Soi Cowboy, the experience will be fun regardless. You can meet plenty of like-minded people while you are in this city and explore the traditional cultures of Thailand while doing so. One of the richest aspects of Thai culture is their strong Buddhist beliefs, which is what makes temple visits so special as a visitor. Of course, there are the large temples you have heard of by searching Google’s top Thailand tourist spots, but sometimes it’s interesting to visit the more local temples that aren’t as busy and known to get a feel of the true Thailand culture. Wat Hongratanaram is a beautiful temple that can give you this experience that we are talking about.