Must Try Restaurants In KHAO LAK Thailand

One of the super cool restaurants in the little town of Khao Lak Thailand goes by the name of Spinach. This was one of the towns that got hit hardest in the 2004 Tsunami. Some local friends that live in Phuket recommended Spinach as an awesome place to grab dinner.

Video Transcript

Look at that sky behind me, it was a rainy drive up here actually you can hear a nice musician playing and some music in the background this is a a super cool restaurant right up here in the little town of Khao Lak this town and actually I should show you the walk in through the restaurant as I tell you this story because the restaurant itself is pretty special and this town was one of the ones that got hit the hardest by um by the tsunami when it when it hit back in 2004 the town of Khao Lak here really really took a beating and um it was really one of the worst there’s a tsunami museum here in town and and it’s a place that uh we’re not gonna have time to visit we’re actually heading on up the road after this uh after this nice dinner we’re on a road trip Haelee and I and our good friends who live down in Phuket told us that you if you go through Khao Lak you should stop at this place it’s called “Spinach” they have a ton of great vegetarian options, they have a lot of great stuff I’m actually getting a baked potato believe it or not but hey every now and again I need a good old north American starch and that’s what I’m gonna do tonight um Haelee’s got a traditional southern Thai kind of curry soup she’s not so sure she ordered something new but we’re in southern Thailand so she decided to go for that which is pretty cool. This place has great atmosphere, great vibes, the musicians uh playing some nice tunes over there always smiling it’s pretty busy place when you walk in as you saw from the uh the video walk through you want to go all the way through and end up back here the back raised up area this is where you really want to be so that’s your teenee tip um and that’s about it a little pin for you right here in the village of Khao Lak. We get all around Thailand here in teenee and I hope you do too, Take care everyone.

Additional Information

Khao Lak is a series of villages located in the in the Takua Pa District of Phang Nga Province. This area has plenty of beautiful coastlines and has one of the most well-known beaches, Nang Thong Beach. It is surrounded by crystal clear water, beautiful sand, and plenty of palm trees. This serene setting makes it the perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself. It is amazing to see how this town has recovered since the tsunami back in 2004, making it a must-see destination.

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